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Ari Kafadar Taking Jewelry Shopping to Another Level

Paying attention to details and ensuring the highest standards are met in a business takes a different type of foresight. Unfortunately, this foresight is what many entrepreneurs lack. With Ari Kafadar, he set out to make a difference in the jewelry industry with his business. Thus far, he has done that by furthering his father’s legacy and creating a name for himself as a jeweler.

Ari Kafadar worked in the retail industry selling high-end electronic appliances for a significant part of his life. Even though his father ran a jewelry business, Ari was not a part of the business. However, after some years, he realized he would not last in the retail industry and began looking inwards by working with his father. Ari recalls that things took off for him, and he realized that the jewelry business was something he wanted to do. 

“You aren’t allowed a lot of opportunities, so when you are given one, you have to take advantage of it,” he said.

From working with a few athletes to signing on other clients and getting referrals from past customers, the company has grown more prominent, and Ari sees the business expanding even further in the next few years. He established AK Jewelry as an offshoot of the family business through which he has built his name as a jeweler. “I strive to get bigger and better and work to be a household name in the jewelry industry.”

At AK Jewelry, Ari Kafadar has created a system that ensures everything about the business is handled in-house. Describing the company’s operations, Ari said, “We do everything from start to finish in-house under one roof from drawing up the CAD (computer design on the pendant) to making the pendant in gold, setting the diamonds into the pendant and finishing it off. So basically a one-stop shop. Most others outsource the job to other vendors. Our prices and quality will always be the best around for this reason. We are a jewellery shop that specializes in pieces for celebrities and public figures.”

Ari Kafadar’s goal is to build a jewelry business that caters to everyone regardless of social status. He hopes to be able to create something for everyone who desires it without compromising quality. His expansion plans are still very much in place, and in the next five years, his goal is to expand to a bigger area and have a retail location on the West Coast.

Inheriting a family business and revamping it to meet modern standards are not easy feats for anyone, no matter how business-savvy they are. However, Ari Kafadar has been able to do it with his father’s business; he built a name for himself and is now creating a legacy for the upcoming generations. He draws motivation from his desire to be the best and the top jeweler offering excellent products. This guides his daily activities, and it reflects in his business’ output.

Learn more about Ari Kafadar on his official Instagram page.

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