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5 Reasons Why You Should Read Real Revival

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Over the course of history, religious texts and biblical commentaries have been written in error, and honorable men have been unjustly wronged because they have been quoted out of context. These unfortunate occurrences are owing to many different reasons and often because of differences in the interpretation of religious texts. Individuals may interpret religious texts differently, leading to division and even conflict. Spiritual Revival is not immune to this occurrence in history. There are also differences in the emphasis placed on certain beliefs, i.e., some individuals may place more emphasis on certain beliefs than others, leading to differences in their views on spiritual Revival. Lastly, the influence of personal bias in the matter of spiritual Revival is a key factor that cannot be overlooked. Personal biases can influence an individual’s interpretation of religious texts and their beliefs about spiritual Revival.

  1. Thomas Kozubal, in his latest work, Real Revival, has used Bible as his source as it is the greatest, most accurate, and complete commentary on spiritual Revival. The author also has written it to reaffirm what spiritual Revival is according to Scripture and to encourage the Body of Christ to rediscover the simple truth about what God has to say concerning it. So, if you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual Revival, here are five main reasons why this is the book for you:
  • Spiritual Revival From A Biblical Perspective

Many books about spiritual Revival have been written from either a historical or personal experience perspective. Real Revival was written from a very different standpoint. The author has gone back to the Biblical record to define spiritual Revival with the idea that what God has to say about Revival is the definitive explanation

  • Need for Spiritual Revival

The book emphasizes on the Need for Spiritual Revival. There are many present-day issues that compete for our collective attention, and at their root, nearly all of them have a spiritual element. As it relates to Christianity, the author believes that among those issues, the need for spiritual Revival is pre-eminent. There is a great deal of evidence that points to the fact that the Church is asleep and that she must be awakened!

  • Connection between Spiritual Revival and the Spirit’s Fruit

The Bible is an inexhaustible book, a bottomless well of wisdom and guidance. In Real Revival, the author introduces his reader to a connection rarely, if ever, addressed in discussions about spiritual Revival:  the presence and demonstration of the Fruit of the Spirit. How different and better off would our congregations, communities, and collective societies be if the Fruit of the Holy Spirit were on display in our lives?  

  • Importance of Abiding in Christ

We live in a complex and often confusing world! The truth is that the speed and choice technology provides us today often overwhelms and even paralyzes us. While it is meant to connect us to more people and more things, our technology-driven world, more often than not, has the opposite effect: it leaves us feeling disconnected and isolated. In Real Revival, the author points us back to the simplicity and necessity of a real and enduring connection with Jesus Christ… According to the author, “I believe the goal of any theological work should be to shed new light or at least reaffirm a timeless truth of Scripture from a different perspective.”

  • Encourage the Body of Christ to Walk by the Spirit

Many books about revival chronicle the effects of peoples’ experiences in Revival. They recount the feelings, emotions, and even the effects on societies. But in another connection of Biblical truths, the author explains the end result of a Spirit-Filled life, the expected result of Revival in our hearts and daily living, according to Scripture.

All in All

  1. Thomas Kozubal, through his work, invites you to take the time to study not only the cited verses but to investigate them in their context as well. He believes that doing so will be time well spent and a journey worth taking. If you liked what you read here, we highly recommend checking out his latest work, Real Revival – The Portrait and Practice of the Spirit-Filled Life

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