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The Heartwarming Stories Behind Reiki Fur Babies’ One-of-a-Kind Energy Healing Work

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Reiki is commonly described as a Japanese healing technique discovered in the 1920s by Mikao Usui. This ancient art has been practiced in various modalities for thousands of years. Many scholars believe that Reiki has existed since the beginning of time since it’s a simple way of ensuring energy is flowing and strong.

Reiki involves prayer, or traditional hand positions placed slightly above the body, whether performed on animals or people. The name Reiki is derived from two Japanese words: Rei, meaning universal life or spirit, and Ki, which means energy. Since this healing technique harnesses the strength of energy in living beings, it can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their background. To become a Reiki master, an individual must have a healed energy force that will allow them to engage in this meditative craft.

Reiki on animals, specifically pets, has been shown to accelerate physical and mental healing. While the application is different for pets, a Reiki session always aims to help the energy within a being become balanced and free-flowing. When the life energy is blocked, it can result in physical or emotional issues. This belief is similar to other Eastern medicine frameworks that believe all beings have specific energy centers that can fall out of balance. 

When a pet receives Reiki, a master will create a relaxing and meditative environment for the animal to tap into. Once the pet is comfortable, the Reiki master will position their hands above the animal, often moving from the feet to the head and later the rest of the body. The animal will sink into deep relaxation with these slow movements or sometimes gentle touches. This state triggers the pet’s parasympathetic nervous system, allowing its body to function optimally for healing.

Dr. Ming Chee and Candy Boroditsky, the founders of Reiki Fur Babies, claim that animals are more receptive to this healing than humans. The pair has been practicing Reiki for over a decade and has impacted hundreds of pets and humans around the globe in the process.

“Many people that know Reiki assume that it’s only applicable for humans and possibly animals like dogs and cats,” says Dr. Ming Chee, “However, all living creatures can benefit from the subtle healing of Reiki. Turtles, snakes, rabbits, and even fish have all experienced physical, mental, or emotional healing from Reiki. At Reiki Fur Babies, Candy and I have helped countless animals like these feel happier and share important information with their owners.”

Dr. Ming Chee first became interested in Reiki after her brother spoke to her about how it was complementary to traditional medical treatment. As a clinical pharmacist, Dr. Ming was intrigued and soon dedicated much time to learning and training as a Reiki master. Eventually, she practiced Reiki on her young yellow Labrador retriever, who was suffering from hip dysplasia. To her surprise, the sessions not only improved the animal’s gait but it also had a positive effect on behavior too.

Candy Boroditsky became passionate about Reiki for similar reasons. Her work in physical therapy encouraged her to explore the differences between Western and Eastern medicine, and she eventually started practicing Reiki on animals with Ming.

Candy and Dr. Ming have accumulated hundreds of happy clients worldwide as Reiki Fur Babies completes all of its sessions virtually. Some of their most memorable clients include a loving cat with a strong spiritual connection to its guardian angels, a Pomeranian with heart and throat difficulties that benefited immensely from Reiki, and a golden retriever that was rejuvenated and healed from multiple different ailments. 

Dr. Ming and Candy have become well-known in the Reiki space because both of them deliver healing to pets. In every session, an animal will receive healing from these two masters, almost doubling the amount of positive energy that a client can experience.

Clients are offered additional value from Reiki Fur Babies because of Candy’s strengths in animal communication. The owner can ask three questions to their pet, which often reveal the hidden emotional or spiritual understanding the animal has. This type of insight strengthens the bond between an owner and their pet, resulting in a more fulfilling relationship for the pair.

Candy and Dr. Ming are grateful for their ability to spread healing to pets and their owners. They believe that the company’s distance healing practices allow for pets to have more comfortable and non-invasive sessions and for owners to join in if they are interested.

Dr. Ming released a book called Spiritual Currency that will teach people how to build abundance. Previously, Candy and Ming have written the Reiki Fur Babies, and Ming went on to write Angels Of Rainbow Bridge books. Both have been popular amongst pet owners, and Dr. Ming anticipates this book to have similar impacts. 

Candy and Dr. Ming envisioned Reiki Fur Babies to grow in success as more people discovered the value of the company’s healing services.

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