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How Travel Made Adam Vaughan a Champion for Human Rights

People travel for many different reasons and they gain many benefits from it. For travel enthusiast, Air Force veteran, and current employee executive Adam Vaughan, travel has resulted in something profound— a love and appreciation for human rights. Now, through his digital influence, he looks to champion equality for all. 

The world is a far bigger space than most people experience, and for most of our lives, we live within the constructs and constraints of our limited experience. But when Adam Vaughan started seeing the world for what it is— a massive collection of human beings from different backgrounds, contexts, and environments— he started to build an appreciation and acceptance for people who live a different way. “Throughout all my deployments to the worst areas in the world, I grew an appreciation for those who had far less, those that were affected, and those that had nothing as we had,” shares Vaughan. “diversity and inclusion are something I have been involved in within my role at Meta, and I strive to educate people on how we need to do better in the corporate environment with regards to this.”

Growing up in the unassuming suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska, most of Adam Vaughan’s experiences with the world were limited to trips to nearby places like Iowa and Missouri with family. Beyond that, he only really saw the world through an electric box, watching movies of places like England, Thailand, Germany, and Japan on television. But all that changed when he entered the Air Force in 1998. He would start traveling to all places through various deployments, reaching countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, and Germany.

After retiring from the Air Fforce in 2018, Adam would join Meta— the company previously known as Facebook— as a Global Operations Manager. There, he would only expand his love for travel and world cultures as he started working extensively with people who came from different races, backgrounds, and worldviews. “My experiences and seeing all facets of human emotions and cultures helped open my eyes to great things,” shares Vaughan. “Europe, Asia, Middle East, etc have allowed me to develop a sense of truly being a “citizen of the world” and not just a tourist. I can give first-hand accounts of destinations from around the globe and give some of my feelings as to why people should visit. I want to flip the script and try to focus on the curation of experiences.”

Today, Adam uses his digital platforms to share his love for travel and culture. On Instagram, he now has over 66,000 followers who learn more about the world through his content. Adam has also started travel blogging to give people two levels of value. On one level are all the tips and hacks to make the most out of visits to various destinations worldwide. And on another level, he hopes to create a deeper love for diversity and inclusion within his community of followers.

Adam is also married to a photographer, Rosana, who shares in his love for exposing the beauties of the corners of the world. He hopes to simply share his experience with people and give others the avenue to dream about seeing the rest of the world as well.

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