The Launchpad is Leading the Tech Industry with Innovative Matchmaking Services

For businesses to compete in today’s world, having the right technology is essential. But with so many available tech solutions, it has become more difficult than ever for companies to research, identify, and engage the right IT vendors.

Thanks to The Launchpad, they no longer have to worry about finding the right tech solution. Because at The Launchpad, the work is done for them.

Led by CEO Tonya Turrell (recently named one of Orlando’s Women of the Year), The Launchpad serves as a tech matchmaker, seamlessly bridging the gap between IT buyers and sellers – a winning model for both sides. They recently announced the release of a new MQL subscription plan, which will make it even easier for companies and vendors to connect in meaningful ways.

The MQL subscription package is one of the newest offerings in a robust line of services offered by The Launchpad. For vendors, it means only connecting with companies that have already been thoroughly researched and have expressed needs that fit the vendors’ profile. For companies, it means finding exactly what they need, when they need it.

“For most companies in this marketplace, the MQLs that they are getting are not truly qualified leads. They might be someone who searched for a particular technology, or downloaded a whitepaper, or visited a booth at a trade show,” Turrell says. “Our MQL subscription is different. These are conversation-ready, qualified and loaded with purchase intent data to arm sales reps to best serve the needs of their customers.”

Where The Launchpad truly stands apart is their ability to match the right vendors to the companies that need them most. Because of their industry expertise and ability to invest considerable time and resources into researching both the company and the vendor, their matchmaking service delivers a connection that is guaranteed to provide value for both the buyer and the seller. The real value of their MQL subscription offering is consistency, predictability, and reduced risk.

“With this subscription, our clients are set up to receive a consistent and steady flow of leads,” Turrell explains. “Marketing can spend less time creating, building, and setting up campaigns and sales receives a high level of coaching and support related to the engagement of their MQLs.”

Clients also have predictability in lead flow, can easily increase or decrease lead flow as needed, and have more accurate forecasting with this subscription offering.

It has been a remarkable year for The Launchpad, which continues to emerge as the leading resource for tech matchmaking and IT solutions. They were recently certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council as a Women’s Business Enterprise. For 25 years, the WBENC has been the largest certifier of women’s businesses in the United States and a leading advocate for business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

In addition to their new subscription model, The Launchpad has several different programs that Turrell says will continue to help tech companies and IT solution providers.

“We are pivoting away from traditional appointment setting and lead generation for our tech clients and more toward partner recruitment, partner enablement, and recruiting channel partners. So, the value is exponential,” Turrell says. “We will soon be releasing a training subscription to help companies learn how to develop leads and nurture that relationship.”

With their transition into a more subscription-based model, The Launchpad will serve as an ongoing resource for vendors as well as businesses that want to improve their processes with technology. This will be welcome news to companies across the country that need tech solutions but don’t know where to turn for guidance and expertise.

For companies and vendors who are tired of scouring the digital landscape for the right partners, The Launchpad has a simple and effective solution. And the best tech matchmaker in the industry is only getting better.To learn more about The Launchpad, visit

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