Skills Development, Career Acceleration and Job Placement: Product Gym's Strategy for Tech Workers
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Skills Development, Career Acceleration and Job Placement: Product Gym’s Strategy for Tech Workers

Layoffs in tech are gutting the industry and placing progress on pause for thousands of workers. 

According to, tech industry downsizing in 2023 already includes:

  • Meta—Announced in April expectations of laying off 10,000 jobs over the coming months. This comes on top of 11,000 positions cut in November.
  • Amazon—27,000 job cuts.

With uncertainty landing hard on the tech sector, the need to sharpen job skills and navigate the job market has rarely been more important. 

This is where Product Gym is playing a game-changing role as a gateway to tech career triumphs. With extensive experience in a range of skills related to finding a job and succeeding in that position, as well as planned partnerships, the Product Gym team has embarked on a mission to help individuals succeed in tech careers. 

Led by visionary founder Cody Chang, Product Gym has differentiated itself from the competition with its two simple goals—to teach clients how to thrive in a tech job, then help them secure a tech job. 

Individuals transitioning from more than two dozen fields into tech will find that Product Gym delivers support, guidance and results. These fields include chemical process engineering, management consulting, marketing and mortgage underwriting. And in a testament to Product Gym’s resiliency, students have continued to receive interview and job offers despite the downsizing and hiring pause in tech.

Cody was inspired to launch Product Gym because he could not find a marketplace option that met his needs for skills instruction and job placement. Available options only offered instruction on skills that would be relevant after landing a job. And none of the available options featured instructors or a curriculum for someone who transitioned into tech from a non-technical background. 

So, Cody decided to launch a startup for those seeking a strategy, skills instruction and career training to change careers or get a job. Ensuring success as much as possible is the background of this thought leader and his partners—who have worked in tech, from junior individual contributors all the way to senior leadership responsible for hiring. 

As Product Gym differentiates itself from the competition by laying the groundwork for its clientele to secure a job, it operates on two parallel tracks. These are Skills Development and Career Acceleration, which complement each other.

The Skills Development track emphasizes the mindset, knowledge and skills needed to succeed on the job. The Career Acceleration track offers support and provides the tools needed to communicate values to employers, as clients generate, secure and negotiate job offers. 

Both learning tracks fit in nicely with circumstances established by Product Gym’s recent merger with Technosoft Academy. 

Product Gym’s expertise in Product Management jobs and Technosoft’s expertise in QA Automation set the stage to build out multiple verticals, including Full Stack Engineering, AR and VR, data science and a tech management immersive. All of this is supplemented by AI adaptive learning technology built in-house, with plans in the works to expand into additional verticals. The Product Gym’s AI learning platform not only allows its coaching staff to 10X their output, but also improve participant learning and engagement, allowing them to vastly accelerate their speed to interviews and offers. 

Product Gym’s classes are offered in live and recorded formats and offer a breadth of learning with more than 20 product, business and career courses. Classes are taught by industry leaders. And throughout the months-long program, Product Gym offers feedback on resumes, and interview and negotiation coaching, as it tracks the progress of all participants.​

Expanding Product Gym’s reach as an educational institution is its plan for accreditation. 

“Once we are accredited,” Cody said, “what we want to do is approach other universities and educational nonprofits and say, ‘We can offer this Full Stack Engineering or product management program, and because we’re accredited, and you’re accredited, we can partner with the university for these credits.’” 

Cody expects Product Gym to become an accredited educational institution in 2023. 

Another type of partnership Product Gym is pursuing is with other tech boot camps and tech member organizations that also provide educational services. Cody is proud of Product Gym’s high placement rate when it comes to jobs, and believes this can play a pivotal role in establishing partnerships.

“We can partner with other educational companies, colleges and universities, nonprofits, to let them do what they do best—focus on the instruction and teaching,” Cody said. “But why not let us handle all the placement for you—per student, per cohort, at a B2B level?”

So what do Product Gym’s members think of the operation?

“In my case, I had done so much in my career that I had a hard time showcasing the skills that mattered,” said Randal Romell, now a Principal Product Manager with True ML. “I was too spread out. 

“Product Gym helped me improve my pitch in terms of what I brought to the table, depending on what the interviewer or company that was hiring me wanted. It’s that ‘less is more’ philosophy. I really think having that help, by talking to other members, coaches and mentors, really helped me refine my strategy, add that finesse in terms of showcasing what matters, and really sticking with the ‘less is more’ philosophy.”

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