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Drivyn Provides Tesla-Driving Expertise 

Reports of accidents with autonomous driving cars have made headlines ever since vehicles with self-driving features have hit dealerships. However, contrary to what people may believe from reading provocative headlines, autonomous vehicles are much safer overall than their driver-operated counterparts. While the technology is still in its infancy and being consistently improved upon, self-driving cars such as Teslas prove to be more reliable than the alternative time and again.

Teslas are quite different from regular vehicles — so much so, in fact, that those who purchase them may not immediately know how to best operate them or utilize all available features. When people purchase a Tesla, they are often given elementary operating instructions, typically just enough to get them on the road. With the level and amount of advanced features accompanying a Tesla, many feel the manufacturer-derived information falls short in covering everything a Tesla can do. To combat the issue of insufficient information, a litany of YouTube tutorials and “support groups” have been formed to enable Tesla owners to work through their questions about the vehicle and share information with other Tesla owners.

This call for information has inspired the team at Drivyn to develop an app that connects Tesla owners with local experts. These advisors are ready to personally meet with Tesla owners and teach them a curriculum based on the Tesla driving technology. “There are educational programs to teach people how to drive standard vehicles,” says Dr. Sam Rabinowitz, CEO of Drivyn, “so why wouldn’t there be a program teaching people how to use the Tesla Autopilot feature?” Like Drivers Ed classes, the hands-on instructors at Drivyn help Tesla owners wrap their heads around their new vehicle’s complex technology. 

While the user interface within a Tesla is relatively intuitive, using a trial-and-error approach with the various features as one drives is never the best (or safest) way to learn how to drive your car. An experienced instructor can help Tesla drivers get on the road faster and in a safer manner. 

“Nobody knows Tesla vehicles better than the people who drive them,” says Dr. Rabinowitz. “We have found that many Tesla owners love their vehicles and want to help other people love their Teslas, too.” 

It’s this idea that “drives” the Drivyn platform. The app’s ingenuity can be found in its ability to match drivers seeking to learn with those who want to teach and spread the love they have for their vehicles. Drivyn’s peer-to-peer marketplace allows drivers to find instructors that are best suited to guide them through their Tesla ownership journey. 

Uplevel Your Driving Performance 

Recently, Tesla introduced a Safety Score Metric, which takes stock of a driver’s safe driving behavior based on five metrics they call Safety Factors. Introducing this metric has made experienced driving instructors more necessary than ever before. In some states where Tesla offers its in-house car insurance, a driver’s Safety Score can seriously affect the cost of their premiums. During the beginning course, Drivyn guarantees that drivers will see a notable improvement in their Tesla Safety Score upon completion of the curriculum. Drivyn has also put this guarantee into place for their advanced courses. 

The Drivyn curriculum is not specific to just new Tesla drivers, however. The company’s performance division caters to experienced drivers seeking to maximize their driving performance. “If there’s one thing I know, it’s that there is always more to learn,” says O.G. Arabian Prince, musician, entrepreneur, co-founder of MdDAO, and recently-appointed CEO of Drivyn Performance. “Knowing more about your vehicle’s performance will not only make you a safer driver, but also make your Tesla experience that much more enjoyable.”

Disruption and Innovation at the Largest Tesla Owner’s Conference 

The largest conference for Tesla Owners is the Tesla Owner’s California Takeover, slated to take place in San Luis Obispo on August 6, 2022. Dr. Rabinowitz and Arabian Prince are scheduled to speak at the event, bringing their disruptive new service to Tesla owners worldwide in an opportunity for more drivers to join the tight-knit Tesla community. “That is what we are all about at Drivyn: tapping into the sense of community among Tesla owners and forming an even greater connection between people and their vehicles,” Dr. Rabinowitz says. 

The two leaders will conduct sessions on how Tesla drivers can best take advantage of all the technological advancements the vehicles can offer. Dr. Rabinowitz and Arabian Price will share how the Drivyn curriculum is designed to help drivers understand their cars and everything they are capable of. 

Dr. Rabinowitz and Arabian Prince are also excited to have the opportunity at the Tesla Owner’s California Takeover to unveil Drivyn Performance DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization. Through Drivyn Performance, Dr. Rabinowitz and Arabian Price invite owners to register for the “Car Control Clinic” and become a member of the DAO, which is building the world’s first ever all-electric, carbon-neutral Raceway — including an exclusive Raceway Club, Metaverse racetrack, and the first-of-a-kind simulator.

Teslas are only growing in popularity; it is estimated that over 4 million people will be driving Teslas by the end of 2022. Numbers like these make the demand for qualified, experienced instructions even greater. As demand and supply continue to work together within the Tesla market, the need for Drivyn’s app stands only to grow. 

“Teslas are among the best vehicles on the market right now,” says Dr. Rabinowitz. “What good is it to own such a fine piece of automotive technology if you aren’t going to use it to its fullest capabilities? We hope to be able to empower Tesla owners to make the best use of their vehicles.”

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