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Brazilian Brain Academy inspires the world to democratize access to emotional intelligence

Brazilian Andre Buric created the ”Brainpower” academy, a model that inspires professionals around the world

The way we respond to our challenges, express our emotions, and interact with others is more than a gut reaction. Our responses are the result of brain stimulation, which, when managed well, is one of the key skills we can use to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. These skills are often referred to as “emotional intelligence” or “EI.”

The concept of emotional intelligence emerged in 1990, proposed by researchers Peter Salovey and John Mayer. However, it became known worldwide after the publication of the 1995 book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.

Since then, many studies and research have resulted in global efforts to broaden the discussion on emotional intelligence in society. Although the knowledge is advanced, taking it to the masses still leaves a gap to be filled.

In the last decade, brain academies and emotional intelligence programs have sprung up around the world. Large groups of people have already been impacted, but there is still a long way to go.

The benefits that can be achieved by controlling emotional intelligence can contribute to fairer communities and less friction. But how can we democratize this skill and share it with large numbers of people if, on a worldwide level, the discussion of emotional intelligence is still restricted to small groups?

A good example of how to answer these questions seems to be in Brazil and has received the attention of international researchers who intend to be inspired to apply the same strategies in other countries.

The “BrainPower” academy, created by the specialist in behavioral neuroscience André Buric, seems to have made it possible for any Portuguese-speaking person to develop the skill of emotional intelligence, among other skills.

BrainPower gained notoriety for a number of factors that differentiate it from other well-known methods. Buric bet on an intense schedule that prioritizes achieving the highest level of quality and result while maintaining contact with his audience to reach the vast majority.

To reach this, there are thousands of lives, videos, podcasts, handouts, e-books, mentorships, and other approaches with multiplatform content that conquers the Brazilian public and have served as an inspiration for international methods.

André Buric, the founder of BrainPower

Before becoming one of the most respected Brazilians in the world in terms of emotional intelligence and cerebral training, André Buric conquered the highest positions as an executive in the corporate world in Latin America until he started to learn about brain patterns and behavioral neuroscience. 

Buric identified with the theme and made it his mission to share his vision with everyone. King’s College London has certified him for ADHD, and he is pursuing a Master’s degree in Behavioral Neuroscience. He graduated in Business Administration at the main public university in Brazil, USP (FEA-USP), with a course in Marketing and Communication at ESC Toulouse (France). He was certified in Neuro Economics by the Higher School of Economics Moscow (Russia), in Master Practitioner by “The Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming” by Richard Bandler, the creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming (USA), and also by Global NPL Training (USA) as a life trainer, a motivational trainer, and a social and emotional intelligence trainer.

The international graduation gave André Buric a global network and valuable connections that made BrainPower one of the most respected brain academies among professionals in the sector and encouraged the development of international programs that is about to achieve similar performances in other countries.

‘’There are people who have the pattern of being focused, going to the gym, eating well, and being disciplined. They don’t suffer to do any of that, nor were they born that way; their brains were stimulated differently than those of people who don’t have those standards. But if anyone knows how to correctly stimulate the brain, these patterns can be reconditioned. Brainpower, my brain academy, helps with this process in many different ways. We have a lot of open content—thousands of videos on the Youtube channel, thousands of episodes on the podcast, thousands of videos on Instagram, daily audios on our Telegram channel—that allow you to understand why we are the way we are. Our goal is for people to understand not only what procrastination is, for example, but mainly why they procrastinate, as well as why they feel stress, lack of focus, anxiety, laziness, and discouragement, among others. In addition to the open contents that show the reasons, we have several trainings that address the root cause of the problem by altering previous conditioning. 

If what we practice here in Brazil, for thousands of people, can be shared internationally, I would be immensely satisfied. I’ve created programs that can help anyone develop skills that will positively impact their lives. It is an honor to discuss my ideas internationally to impact more people, promote this discussion, and inspire international professionals to implement my strategies and methods,’’ said Buric in an interview. 

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