Rachel Collignon’s Therapy Practice: Guiding the Path to Healing with Heart and Integrity

Rachel Collignon's Therapy Practice: Guiding the Path to Healing with Heart and Integrity
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Introducing Rachel Collignon, a compassionate therapist with a deep commitment to helping individuals navigate their healing journeys. Rachel’s unique career talents have been shaped by her unwavering fascination with the truth of the human experience. From an early age, she found solace in putting her theories and thoughts onto paper, seeking clarity and relief. Her thirst for truth led her to embark on solo travels, immersing herself in diverse cultures and experiences, always in search of variety, adventure, and contrast.  

Driven by a passion for language and truth, Rachel ventured into the world of acting, using her expressive abilities to explore the depths of human emotions. It was through this artistic medium that she discovered her calling as a therapist. As she delved into the realm of hypnotherapy, she found a way to articulate and approach healing consciously and intentionally. Rachel realized that her innate desire to offer solace to others could be channeled through a purposeful, educated framework.  

Raised in Aix-en-Provence, Rachel’s childhood was marked by her perspective as an undiagnosed autistic child and a self-proclaimed tomboy in a world of perceived perfection. While facing challenges at school and home, she found solace in her vivid imagination, inventing characters and engaging in complex improvised conversations. Rachel’s fascination with dogs, horses, and the wonders of nature nurtured her innate sense of play, awe, and presence, qualities she continues to cherish.  

Rachel finds inspiration in individuals like Maya Angelou, Virginie Despentes, Nelson Mandela, Barack and Michelle Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., Emily Dickinson, and Greta Thunberg. These honorable figures have shaped generations with their unwavering commitment to authenticity, compassion, and transformation. Their ability to stand tall amidst adversity and guide others along the path of positive change serves as a constant reminder for Rachel to stay true to her calling.  

Currently, Rachel’s goals encompass establishing her therapy practice internationally while pursuing her artistic endeavors and writing. She envisions a life that balances creative expression, therapeutic work, and the written word. Her vision includes creating physical spaces that serve as community hubs, where individuals can gather for healing, liberation, and joy. Rachel firmly believes that providing tools for self-healing and fostering a supportive community is not only important on an individual level but also holds profound political significance.  

Rachel’s approach is a unique blend of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, breathwork, EFT tapping, and other things, all geared towards healing and integrating trauma, uprooting limiting beliefs, and most importantly, the re-training of the nervous system to a relaxed and aware baseline state. Finding and treating trauma is the beginning of the work.

Through storytelling, whether as an actor, writer, or director, Rachel has explored the power of language and the power of perspective/narrative. 

Thanks to this part of her life, Rachel is also well versed in the search for authentic expression and the quest to push one’s limits and expand on one’s potential, which is a big asset as a therapist.

Looking ahead, Rachel is committed to becoming even better at what she does. She envisions a future where her expertise and the transformative power of therapy are widely recognized. By continuously refining her skills, honing her self-promotion abilities, and embracing new opportunities for growth, Rachel aims to touch the lives of countless individuals, offering them the guidance and support needed to embark on their own healing journeys.  

With Rachel Collignon’s therapy practice, one can expect a heartfelt and integrity-driven approach to healing, a safe space where transformation can unfold, and a compassionate guide who empowers individuals to step into their authentic selves.  

“I first met Rachel when I was directing a large department at a major museum in New York City.  She immediately struck me as an empathetic, healing personality.  She was studying acting at the time at the premiere conservatory in Paris and experimenting with transferring her key learnings in theatre study into her private therapy practice.  These learnings included empathetic listening, creative expression, and xxx.  I was immediately struck by her innovative approach to therapy which I had never found in many year of searching for good effective therapy New York City (which is of course the ‘therapy capital of the world’ – yet no one was doing what Rachel was).  While in France, I asked her to help me to tackle some issues I was having with childhood trauma and within a few sessions I was addressing issues that I had feared facing all my life.  Now, more than a decade later Rachel has become an esteemed collaborator and dear friend.  And even better than that, she has taught me, through meditation, hypnotherapy, and other traditional methods – as well as incorporating creative, artistic aspects into her therapy like music therapy and improv – to become my best self.”

Dr Alicia Stevens, PhD

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