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Partnership between David Yarrow and Shanan Campbell’s Sorrel Sky to Mark Gallery’s Expansion into Vibrant NY Art Market

David Yarrow and Shanan Campbell
Photo Credit: Sorrel Sky Gallery

For almost two centuries, there has been a huge interest in American Western art. Instead of having a distinct style, this genre focuses on subjects such as the landscapes, wildlife, people, and historical events of the Western United States. It also depicts the various cultures in the region during the westward expansion, such as that of Native Americans, cowboys, and frontiersmen.

The enduring popularity of Western art has created a thriving industry, including galleries that specialize in it. Among these is Sorrel Sky Gallery, which has been a leader in the arts of the American West for more than 20 years. Founded in 2002 by Shanan Campbell, Sorrel Sky Gallery offers fine art and unique jewelry that represent Western and Native American culture. With established galleries in Durango, Colorado, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sorrel Sky Gallery’s move into the New York City art market is an exciting new venture.

Shanan is the daughter of former US Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, an award-winning artist, jeweler, and Native American cultural advocate. Having grown up near the arts, she has developed a unique approach to the art business, leading a team of art advisors and creating strong and meaningful connections with the artists it represents and the clients it serves. Her finely honed acumen for art and business, as well as a “let’s make that happen” attitude have proved instrumental in the gallery’s success over the past two decades.

In March 2024, Sorrel Sky will open its third location at 419 West Broadway in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. This represents a huge milestone for Shanan and Sorrel Sky, as it is expanding into what is arguably the art capital of the world. Sorrel Sky’s first year in New York will primarily feature the work of world-renowned photographer David Yarrow. The exclusive exhibition with a series of events, from March 8-10, will feature over 30 of David’s evocative images, with several from recent shoots. The Grand Opening on Friday the 8th, will include scheduled one-on-one tours with David throughout the day, followed by an evening artist reception. Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th will offer additional opportunities for scheduled one-on-one tours with David. He will also be signing copies of his fine art books.

David Yarrow and Shanan Campbell
Photo Credit: “Parts Unknown” by David Yarrow. Represented by Sorrel Sky Gallery

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, David became a sports photojournalist at a young age. At the 1986 World Cup Final in Mexico City, David took the iconic photo of Diego Maradona raising the trophy. This led to him being assigned to cover numerous other sporting events, including the Olympics. Despite pursuing a career in finance, his passion for photography remained, and he developed an interest in the American West. Today, David’s photography focuses on nature and wildlife in the Western US and Africa. He has also worked with supermodels, including on various charity shoots.

According to Shanan, her great working relationship with David goes back many years. They met when David was visiting Durango for a shoot and he invited her to join his team for the day. She was impressed with his creative vision and his elaborate photography process, which resembled a full movie set. As Shanan and David are both determined, go-getter individuals, their personalities instantly clicked. This was partly over their shared interest in the American West. Since then, David frequently returns to Durango, and some of his most successful works have been shot in the area. 

“Opening a third location in NYC has always been my goal. The fact that we’re doing it with exclusive representation of David’s work, not just in NYC, but NY state, makes it that much more exciting,” said Shanan. “David possesses a rare talent; his work fully engages the viewer. His ability as an artist and his gift for visual storytelling pull us in and spark our imagination. Despite having many connections in Wall Street from his background in the finance world, David hasn’t exhibited in New York since 2017. I believe our good working relationship and mutual belief in each other has been the catalyst behind Sorrel Sky’s opening in New York.”

David also shared his thoughts about working with Shanan and being Sorrel Sky Gallery’s headline artist as it achieves a major milestone of breaking into the New York international art market. 

“Shanan is passionate about art, and the artists she represents know what she brings to the table,” David said. “Over the years, we have gotten to know each other well, and I admire her ambition, which now takes her to SoHo, NYC. We are delighted and honored to lead her first show in the city, and I am sure she will make a great success of it. There is no more important city for the arts in the world, and we will do all we can to make the gallery exciting and relevant.”

Interested parties can visit Sorrel Sky Gallery for more information. High-resolution images are available upon request.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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