Mastering Mindset: Harnessing the Power of Your Inner Champion with Whitney Alexandra
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Mastering Mindset: Harnessing the Power of Your Inner Champion with Whitney Alexandra

Whitney Alexandra, a seasoned Performance Coach, specializes in empowering women entrepreneurs to build abundant lives beyond their wildest dreams. With over two decades of experience, she has been a guiding force for influential business leaders, helping unlock their utmost potential.

How it began

Whitney’s journey began in the talent industry as a model, actor, and event host. Her early career in front of the camera laid the foundation for her entrepreneurial path, leading her to work closely with corporate executives. These experiences evolved into global engagements with CEOs of multi-million and billion-dollar companies, shaping her understanding of the critical role mindset plays in achieving success.

The Role of Mindset

Whitney asserts that a primary barrier for many entrepreneurs, particularly women, is their mindset. She emphasizes, “Your mindset is your most powerful tool as you build your business or work towards any goal. A positive mindset differentiates high performers from everyone else.” The challenge often lies in overcoming the inner critic that seeds doubt and fear.

Cultivating Your Inner Champion in 5 Steps

  1. Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

The first step is being mindful of your thoughts. Whitney advises to observe when and where negative thoughts arise and to understand their origin without judgment.

  1. Question the Origin of Your Thoughts

Determine whether a thought is genuinely yours or a product of external influences. Whitney shares her own experience, “I remember thinking ‘Most people fail in their first year.’ I got curious about where it came from and realized it was not true for me.” It’s crucial to detach from false beliefs and reframe thoughts positively.

  1. Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Affirmations

Counter negative beliefs with positive affirmations. “Your subconscious mind is making 95% of your decisions and shaping your experience,” Whitney notes. It’s important to retrain the mind to adopt more positive thoughts consistently.


    Negative: I don’t have any good ideas.

    Positive: My mind is full of exciting and brilliant ideas.

    Negative: I am a failure.

    Positive: My potential to succeed is limitless.

    Negative: I’m never going to make money.

    Positive: I am worthy of the money I desire.

Mastering Mindset: Harnessing the Power of Your Inner Champion with Whitney Alexandra
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  1. Celebrate All Your Wins

Recognizing and celebrating small victories is a powerful strategy that reinforces effort and progress. “Celebrating your wins helps us to stack all the positive evidence,” Whitney explains. This practice contributes to long-term success.

  1. Revisit Your Thoughts

As you continue to affirm positive thoughts and celebrate your successes, notice the growth in your confidence and belief in yourself. Whitney emphasizes, “You are now moving beyond traditional ‘mindset’ work, to literally rewiring your brain.”


The inner critic can be relentless, but it’s your choice to let your inner champion take over. Whitney recommends targeting one negative thought at a time and replacing it with a powerful positive affirmation.

About Whitney

Whitney Alexandra, a Performance Coach specializing in empowering top women entrepreneurs to achieve limitless wealth and lead extraordinary lives, with more than two decades of expertise in supporting transformative growth for influential business leaders. 

Employing a signature methodology grounded in evidence-based performance coaching, Whitney accelerates her clients’ journey to peak potential, facilitating profound shifts across various aspects of their personal and professional domains in just a few months.

In 2023, Whitney earned recognition as a distinguished member of the Forbes Business Council, solidifying her status as a thought leader and contributor on the global stage. She is dedicated to promoting meaningful conversations and connections among women entrepreneurs globally, enhancing opportunities for shared success.

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