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The Climate of HIV Testing in 2023

In 2023, is it still necessary to get tested for HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) on a regular basis?  Many of us are old enough to recall the terror that followed the first revelation of the virus in 1981.  Back then, it was all over the news, but now a days, we hardly ever hear about HIV.   

This virus targets the immune system, making it more difficult for the body to combat infections and disorders. HIV may lead to AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome), which can be fatal, if left untreated. HIV is spread largely via sexual contact, although it may also be transferred through the sharing of needles and from mother to child during pregnancy, nursing, or while the mother is pregnant.

To answer the question, I interviewed Dr. David Jayne, Medical Director at, and the Wilcrest Medical Group.  “it is really very important to get tested for HIV on a yearly basis for several reasons. First, HIV is a virus that can have serious health consequences if left untreated, and early diagnosis and treatment can significantly improve the long-term outlook for those who are infected” Jayne said.  “By getting tested on a yearly basis, individuals can ensure that they are aware of their HIV status and can take steps to protect their health if necessary.” 

“HIV can be transmitted through sexual contact, and individuals who engage in high-risk behaviors such as unprotected sex may be at an increased risk of infection,” Jayne said.  Getting tested for STDs on a regular basis is the responsible way to live.”  

There are several places where individuals can get tested for HIV, including:

  1. Primary care physician or healthcare provider: Many healthcare providers offer STD/HIV testing as part of their regular services.
  2. Community health center: In addition to testing and treatment, community health clinics often provide other healthcare services.
  3. Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that provides a range of healthcare services.
  4. STD clinic: Some cities have specialized clinics that focus solely on STD testing and treatment.
  5. Online testing services: Some companies offer at-home STD testing kits that can be ordered online and mailed to the individual. 

There are several options for HIV testing, including at a healthcare provider’s office, a community health center, or a private lab testing site. Regular HIV testing is an important way for individuals to protect their own health and the health of their partners, and it is a vital public health measure to help prevent the spread of HIV. 

In 2023, HIV is still a serious health concern. While there have been substantial breakthroughs in HIV therapy over the last few decades, it is still a virus that requires ongoing medical care and can have serious health consequences if left untreated. However, with proper treatment and care, it is possible to effectively manage HIV and maintain a good quality of life.  

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