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How It Can Be by Larry Santos – Helping People Seek Redemption by Connecting with their Faith

Everyone wants to live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life while enjoying various elements and aspects without regretting them at later stages. Many people also lead adventurous lives by engaging in activities others avoid due to hazards or risks. However, there is a thin line between adventurism and disorderly behavior. Many people fail to recognize or acknowledge when they cross into the dark and endless cycle of sin or immorality. The sinful or antisocial activities usually haunt people in later stages of life, especially if they do not repent or mend their ways. However, salvation and redemption play a significant role in reforming people’s lives, offering hope, and giving them a new perspective.

Salvation involves deliverance from sins and a corrupt life to redemption and eternal bliss through reformation and seeking divine clemency. Millions of people live in oblivion without knowing or understanding the effects of redemption and salvation on their lives. A life full of sins and disruptive behavior usually takes people to a path of depression, loneliness, anxiety, and despair. Salvation comes to people in different ways, but the steps or processes to the salvation path are usually similar for everyone. The primary phases or stages to salvation include having faith, repenting, and seeking divine compassion for reforming life. Although religions may offer various methods or paths to salvation, the ultimate goal or objective in every religion is to receive forgiveness, mend behavior, and lead a productive and sin-free life.

Redemption is a component of salvation that focuses on seeking forgiveness and repenting for unruly behavior and actions in the past. However, many people cannot find redemption or salvation because they fail to recognize the path or approach that could transform their lives. Lawrence T. Santos’ book, “How it Can be,” offers guidance to readers on how to mend their ways and find salvation after leading a life of sin and disruptive behavior. Lawrence T. Santos, also known as Larry Santos, is an author who founded the Prodigal Sun Productions to publish books that help people in their quest for spirituality, salvation, and redemption. The book explains how Santos experienced enlightenment by connecting with God after living a life of sin and despair. He writes how a moment of spiritual awakening changed his life and put him on the right track.

“How it can be” is the perfect example of how a person can find redemption and salvation through faith and reconnection with God. Santos’ book explains his physical and mental predicament related to his disruptive behavior revolving around partying, drugs, and an unproductive lifestyle. An epiphany changed his life by showing him why and how he should mend his ways and renew his faith to seek redemption for his actions and behavior. The book also informs readers that everyone has flaws and that making a mistake is not the end. However,  not realizing the long-term effects of the sin or acknowledging the significance of repenting or redemption is a more serious issue than sinning in the first place.


Larry Santos is an author and reformed individual who found new hope and salvation by reconnecting with God despite leading a life of partying and drugs. His book, “How it can be,” explains how spiritual awakening is a gift from God and shows people how they can mend their relationships with God.



The book motivates and inspires people by portraying Santos’ transformation after renewing his faith and connecting with God. The book also explains how words came to Santos even after realizing he was not an author. He started writing after listening to a radio show discussing a glass ceiling that prevents most people from reaching their potential.

The book “How it Can be” helps people seek redemption by connecting with their faith despite leading a life of sin and disruptive or antisocial behavior. The book inspires people by offering Santos’ example of how he reformed from a previous life of drugs, partying, and crime to a God-loving person. He uses enlightenment, faith, and spirituality to avoid disruptive behavior. Santos also encourages people to connect with their religion and God by showing how reading the Bible and meeting new people and families changed his life. He illustrates in his book that there is always hope for redemption if people realize their mistakes and develop feelings of remorse and regret. Santos’ book provides a helpful medium for reconnecting with God by highlighting his personal story of transformation.

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