Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist and Ab Healing Expert Dr. Kelly Lamoreaux Builds Wellness Empire

Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist and Fitness Expert Dr. Kelly Lamoreaux, DMD, is excelling in the wellness industry and continually making waves for all the right reasons. Voted as Top Colorado Dentist by her colleagues for five consecutive years and renowned for her life-changing ab healing approach, there is no doubt that Dr. Kelly’s services are incomparable.

Dr. Kelly is recognized for her many valuable and innovative contributions to the dental industry, especially her composite veneers and porcelain veneer services. She has treated many celebrities and athletes, from professionals in the NFL to players in the NBA. The dental expert also welcomed patients from many parts of the globe, all wanting to get the distinct experience only Dr. Kelly can provide. With her several contributions to the dental practice, Dr. Kelly has inspired and mentored other professionals in the industry who wanted to learn from her innovative techniques.

On top of continually pushing the boundaries in the dental sphere, Dr. Kelly is also a fitness professional, diastasis recti expert, and the CEO of Abs After Babies, known for her game-changing fitness programs featured across many prominent shows and platforms, such as The Doctors, FOC, and CBS. With her holistic and well-rounded approach to fitness, Dr. Kelly has helped women heal their abs after giving birth and regain their figure without putting too much strain on their bodies. The program specifically targets ab separation or diastasis recti. 

“My program is based on physical therapy techniques and was launched in 2017,” shared Dr. Kelly. “My work with diastasis recti created a movement furthering awareness on this women’s health issue,” she added further, emphasizing that ab healing and restoration after birth is a common struggle shared by mothers worldwide. 

Her life-changing techniques have propelled her name in the fitness landscape and allowed her to grace several magazine covers. Dr. Kelly is currently working on a new magazine cover and will be featured in an article in Fitness Magazine Muscle and Fitness Hers. “I teach women how to heal their bodies from their condition with my revolutionary program while avoiding surgery,” she explained. As a mom of four kids, Dr. Kelly understands her clients’ struggles as she has also gone through the same. Backed by years of research and experience, she developed a program that addresses their nutrition and fitness needs, specifically targeting healing their diastasis recti. She also created a program that helps pregnant women minimize their chance of diastasis recti and makes it easier for them to gain their bodies after giving birth.

As successful as Dr. Kelly is in her dental practice and fitness career, she also grew a substantial following across social media. As a personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and pre and post-natal exercise specialist, Dr. Kelly amplify content to help both men and women improve their physical and mental health. Her content has struck a chord with many in the digital space, garnering her hundreds of thousands of followers and viewers on TikTok and Instagram. Furthermore, Dr. Kelly also shares her life story, how she transformed from poverty to become an entrepreneur and medical practitioner with hard work. “I share my life story and experiences so that I can uplift and encourage my followers,” Dr. Kelly said. 

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