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BOXR Gym: Mateo Attalla and Cami Hoyos Redefining Fitness as a Lifestyle

BOXR Gym: Mateo Attalla and Cami Hoyos Redefining Fitness as a Lifestyle
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BOXR Gym, founded by Mateo Attalla and Cami Hoyos, was recently honored with the Golden Gram Award for being the most innovative fitness facility in the world. BOXR stands as a testament to passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to its people. Mateo Attalla had a dream to become a world champion, fighting the name BOXR since the age of 13 years old; he actually turned that dream into a reality in the business and fitness realm. The visionary mind behind BOXR embodies the spirit of unity and perseverance.

Mateo is the face of BOXR, defining Boxr as a one-word unity representing the culture and the people. Rising from humble beginnings, his journey toward creating BOXR required relentless hard work and an unwavering dedication to his vision. He is passionate about people continuously bringing more value to his brand on a daily and is driven by a desire to build a community, welcoming everyone to be a part of something greater than just a gym. He states it’s “not a gym’ it’s a lifestyle facility to welcome and attract all types of people, from celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, and like-minded individuals.

Cami Hoyos, the heart of BOXR, is working alongside Mateo to fulfill the same vision of how Boxr was created and where it is going. She infuses the gym with an infectious love for its members. Cami is always spreading the love of what BOXR represents to the people and our inner core values. Her mission is simple yet profound: to uplift people’s days spread smiles, and ensure everyone feels valued and cherished. At BOXR, Cami’s dedication is not just about fitness; it’s about fostering a sense of belonging and joy within BOXR’s community.

The aesthetic and amenities are impressive, BUT it’s the people that form the cornerstone of BOXR’s culture. Mateo and Cami’s vision transformed a condo 1,100 sqft condo into a boxing facility, a second location 3,000 sqft location, and then onto an empty, lifeless, dusty, gutted building in downtown Miami and turned it into what BOXR is today. 50,000 sq ft, over 100 coaches and staff. Offer a plethora of all kinds of disciplines that are not only found under one roof but also have the ability to synchronize with each other.

The gym isn’t just a place to work out. It’s a lifestyle hub, offering additional services like sports therapy, a barbershop, beauty and aesthetics, and nutrition-focused options all under one roof. The gym serves as an entrepreneurial hub where individuals from various backgrounds come together as equals. From beginners to professional athletes like Floyd Mayweather, BOXR welcomes all, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and shared growth.

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