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Elizabeth Rovens Giving an Inside Look into the High-End Luxury Fashion Business

Fashion is mostly personal and subjective, but a few pointers can be learned from people who have made fashion a lifestyle. Elizabeth Rovens has built a brand from being a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger and spends time putting out content that acquaints the public with the highly vaunted luxury fashion industry.

Elizabeth Rovens shares her daily fashion outfits and lifestyle inspiration with her audience and has become the go-to person for people looking for fashion inspiration and ideas. She focuses on high-end fashion, styling advice, and showcasing the behind-the-scenes of the high-end fashion industry. She also gives a view into exclusive releases and limited edition launches from global fashion brands.

As a fashion enthusiast, Elizabeth Rovens often has to travel to different parts of the world, attending fashion shows and taking her passion for fashion wherever it leads her. She’s also leveraged her fame and influence to release her own merchandise. On her website, she lists the “Eyes See All Tee” T-shirts and “Healing Hands Tee” T-shirts which sport yoga themes and symbols that represent peace, harmony, and spirituality.

As someone who is all about fashion and luxury, she made sure her t-shirts were made with the highest quality Supima Cotton and designed by a European artist. “The goal is to connect with as many fashion-conscious and fashion-forward people as possible. The t-shirts have a low price point, and I made sure the design is quality, positive, and inspiring,” Elizabeth said. She also has a yoga book which has three installments with different titles to teach Yoga techniques and practices. The books are named Vol-1 YOGA for EVERYBODY RISE & FLOW YOGA – Awaken & Energize, Vol-2 YOGA for EVERYBODY – Body Core Challenge, and Vol-3 YOGA for EVERYBODY – Release and Reset your Body and Mind.

Elizabeth Rovens got motivated to build her brand and create a t-shirt line due to her inability to find quality, good-looking, comfortable, and affordable t-shirts to wear. As someone who interacts with high-end fashion and luxury brands, she needed t-shirts that showcase her core values and the things she enjoys most. Thus, her t-shirts came to life, and she hopes people who value quality pick them up and try them out.

For the next few years, Elizabeth Rovens plans to take each day one at a time and keep doing what she does. She also hopes to see her t-shirts being sold at big department stores. “The work continues, and I hope people that enjoy my content get to see me at fashion shows and globe-trotting with my favorite Fendi clutch,” she said.

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