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Teenage Entrepreneur With Chronic Illness Launches ‘Tumlove’ After Building Several Seven-Figure Brands

Many see good gut health as a gratuitous advantage in everyday life. But those that are diet-sensitive or suffer from chronic conditions know that the functioning of the stomach can make or break a person’s comfort and enjoyment of their lifestyle. Moreover, the many limitations experienced by those with an abnormal gut have the potential to restrict their dietary options and thus their general enjoyment of one of life’s greatest joys.

One prodigal entrepreneur, the 18-year-old success story Hudson Shapiro, believes positive gut and dietary experience is a right, not a privilege. With a record in e-commerce comparable with an industry veteran, Shapiro looks to launch Tumlove. The venture channels his struggle with Crohn’s disease and colitis into a potential game-changer for people in need of a healthier gut.

Tumlove began development in Fall 2021 and looks for a quick turnaround to launch its first products in Summer 2022. The appeal is two-fold, but at its core, it recognizes how the gut is often overlooked in broader conversations around health. Prospective consumers are made up both by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferers and those with a newfound awareness of the importance of positive gut functioning. 

The proposed products themselves are where the true innovation in Shapiro’s latest venture shines. Inspired to provide a new level of convenience to consumers typically inconvenienced by their gut, Tumlove promises to focus on a grab-and-go format. Low-FODMAP (a difficult-to-digest type of carbohydrate) protein powders and desserts is the primary offering of Shapiro’s fledgling brand, acting both as pro/prebiotic supplements and taste-centric snacks.

“Each product will be delicious, so consumers don’t need to feel as though they are being left out of some of their favorite pre-packed meals and snacks due to gut health concerns,” the young entrepreneur explains. “IBS sufferers can feel good about eating our products because they are clean ingredient label, delicious and relieve some of the pressure of having to eat at home.”

Beginning his first company at the age of 13, Hudson Shapiro is now primed to take his ambitious new venture to the next level. The business wunderkind has a remarkable awareness of e-commerce and the restraints and opportunities provided by social media. For a number of years, the online purchasing sphere has been Shapiro’s hallmark. He believes a true passion for the field can enable him to address the health demand at hand with a commercial vision. 

With teenage prodigy Hudson Shapiro at the helm, all eyes are on Tumlove’s launch in the Summer of 2022. From there, the founder expects to diversify the brand’s offering with the aspiration to become a household name for gut-friendly products. Shapiro’s beyond-its-years experience is sure to inform every step of the journey.

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