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First Class: Meet Influential Woman Entrepreneur and U.S. Model Daya Burton

Daya Burton
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Born an artist, Daya Burton always dreamed of becoming a leading cosmetologist and businesswoman. Achievements of which she enjoys right now being a hairstylist, makeup artist and entrepreneur, owning her own cosmetics line, “Glavisio.” Although she comes from a small town in the Dominican Republic where the resources for daily living were scarce, Daya never lost focus on her goals. Despite the initial challenges, Daya was determined to bring out the best in herself. At just 11 years old, Daya worked as a hairstylist in her mother’s beauty salon, from whom she learned the basics of this beautiful profession. Regardless of the obstacles, Daya Burton continued her dedication and development, leading her to receive her industry’s first certificate of recognition from the beauty product company Motions. Courage and determination have always been the greatest strengths of her success. Daya is the paragon of perseverance, and this trait helped her reach her dreams.

In a strange country and with a different language, Daya continued her path to success and development when she immigrated with her parents to the city of Miami, FL, in 2001. That’s when Daya Burton decided to truly spread her wings and fly without limits. She graduated as a catwalk model from the John Casa Blanca School, which led her to now be USOA Ms. New Jersey 2023. 

She graduated from the private Lincoln Marti School and attended Miami college for her associate’s degree in business administration “math is the easiest subject there is,” she says, being a mathematics lover. Daya began her career in the financial industry during her freshman year in high school but never turned away from her most prized talent in the world of beauty and hairstyling. Thanks to her dedication to everything she sets out to do, Daya has received multiple awards in both industries. She became one of the most important financial experts at JP Morgan in the early 2000s. 

Today, thanks to all her work, Daya Burton has become one of the most influential businesswomen, hairstylists, makeup artists and models in the USA. Nevertheless, with all of her successes, she competed in her first pageant as USOA Ms. North Jersey 2022 on September 25th, 2022 and once again, she won the crown to now be the USOA Ms. New Jersey 2023. Daya Burton will be competing in her first national pageant for the United States of America Ms 2023 title. The national competition will take place at The Orleans Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, from March 30th to April 2nd. Her passion for cosmetology and the beauty industry has led her to great success.

Daya’s perseverance and talent in the beauty industry have led her to work with professional organizations and notable figures, and she is a well-known figure in the beauty industry and the upper echelons of her community. She often hosts events- prominent parties to classes and more- to celebrate critical milestones in her life and career. 

Daya is also a community leader and role model, who teaches various classes and advocates for the advancement of women in their professional lives and education. Additionally, she is actively involved in several foundations and focuses on various causes such as education and the development of natural abilities. Daya encourages individuals to nurture and discover their talents and emphasizes that her talent in the beauty industry has been a source of stability and support throughout her life. Despite her success, Daya has never forgotten her roots and advocates for transparency, recognizing that social media often presents a false image of people’s lives. She strives to present her truth in a world of fictitious lifestyles, blazing her own trail through relentless hard work and dedication.

Daya’s unwavering determination and perseverance serve as a reminder that with hard work and a strong passion, anything is possible. We will be cheering for this inspiring strong woman.

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