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Dr. Dawkins Brown, An Experienced Entrepreneur And A Business Coach Talks About Ground-breaking Business Strategies And Philanthropy

Dr. Dawkins Brown is the Executive Chairman of Dawgen Global firm, which specializes in an integrated multidisciplinary service. Dr. Brown earned his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in the field of Accounting, Finance, and Management from Rushmore University. He has over twenty-three years of experience in the field of Audit, Accounting, Taxation, Finance, and Management. 

Before starting Dawgen Global, Dr. Brown spent considerable time working in the public accounting field, ultimately rising through the ranks at a notable firm by adding thousands of hours of valuable experience to his CPA qualification and working on several large-scale projects across a range of industries before focusing on what would eventually become the foundation of his successful business career. Starting his public accounting career in the audit department of a “big four” firm (Ernst & Young) and gaining experience in local and international audits, Dr. Brown rose quickly through the senior ranks and held the position of Senior consultant prior to establishing Dawgen Global. 

He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica, member of Chartered Management Institute (CMI), member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), member of Information Systems Audit and Control Association ( ISACA ) member of American Planning Association (APA) and member of Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS). 

Being an Executive Chairman of Dawgen Global, he is accountable for the strategic guidance and strategy execution of several entities within the Dawgen Global Group. Dawgen Global is integrated as one firm and provides several professional services, including audit, accounting, tax, IT, Risk, HR, Performance, M&A, corporate recovery, and other advisory services. Dr.Brown is in charge of professional services provided to several companies within various industries ranging from manufacturing to service and distribution. In addition to firm activities, he is also a leading lecturer in Financial Strategy, Audit, International Financial Reporting Standards and Taxation at certain tertiary institutions in Jamaica. His major Skills include Audits, Accounting, Taxation, Business Valuation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Tax Planning, Business Development, Business Coaching, Insolvency and Turnaround, Strategic Marketing Plans, Strategic Review Engagement, Forensic Audit. 

Being a global company, they take care of various vital services. As the head of Dawgen Global, Dr. Brown wants to develop a suite of products and services where the clients can experience a Higher and quantifiable level of service. They ensure that their services are of relevance and have a lasting impact in creating a better product for their clients. They are eager to go the extra mile for our clients’ needs. 

They believe that advice is vital for helping build a company. They refer to “business coaching” as an essential part of their advisory services. These days more than ever, strategy execution is getting harder and more challenging. Whether there have recently been events like COVID 19 and Globalization forcing more Digitalization, there are gaps in strategy execution that could use some attention as soon as possible. The new division here aims to close them!

Their business coaching division is designed to help business owners attain the skills needed to scale and sustain their companies. They instill a never-ending hunger for learning by guiding their clients through a customized path of self-improvement that fosters success. They become part of their Strategy Execution Team in the background while allowing them to shine. 

According to Dr. Brown,” Strategy execution is the process of carrying out the strategy to reach your goals. It’s the tasks, habits, and procedures that are essential to make a strategic plan that leads you towards reaching your desired outcome, and even if you have a sound strategy in place, it won’t take you anywhere without the right execution!”

They customize the “Success Road Map” for each client after carefully documenting their position matrix. They are employing a structured approach that is combined with elements of agility so they can respond to the customer’s specific situation. They fulfill a myriad of requirements. Their experience and expertise in each particular area will allow them to handle all facets of business operations.

They invest in the right tools and systems that can provide them with the right information in order to make timely Investment Decisions, Financing Decisions, and Dividend Decisions. They follow the following strategies to ensure the business grows faster but also with some safety guidelines because speed kills. It includes Minimal Value Cash Investment, Self-Financing Growth, Growth Investment, Capacity Building, Diversified Revenue Streams, Strategic Partnerships And Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions.

Dr. Brown is a great believer in philanthropy. To himself, it is as important as business. He prefers donating money to worthwhile communities and churches, which provide the opportunity for others to give back similarly. As an entrepreneur, he has gained from building his businesses in various capacities. Providing opportunities for young graduates through professional development investment is something that is close to his heart.

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