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Toshae Sends a Powerful Message of Hope Through Music

More often than not, those who are talented enough have the capacity to make headlines in the music industry. However, they are just some of the people who can remarkably shine on stage. As a matter of fact, those who are gifted with the ability to become instruments of change are the real gems of the industry. They are artists who use their voices to empower and strengthen others, contributing much to the personal growth and development of many individuals from all walks of life. In the case of Toshae, his talents serve as a much-needed platform for those who are underrepresented and unheard.

Since dipping his toes into the industry, Toshae has remained committed to his vision of becoming a beacon of hope. Drawing inspiration from his struggles, he found it vital for people to feel that they are not alone. Through the power of music, he aims to transform his vision into action.

“From watching a family go in and out of jail and hustling and doing what it takes to keep money flowing in to following their footsteps and remaining successful and focused, I want to put my life on a beat and make music for people that can relate or even understand real from my perspective,” he tells RemixdMag. 

For as long as he can remember, Toshae has always had a great affinity for harmony, rhythm, and lyrics. According to the rising artist, music came naturally to him, being a child who belonged to a musically-inclined family. At the age of 12, he managed to inherit the resources necessary to harness his potential and develop his craft. Toshae continued to perfect his approach to music until he was able to attain what he wanted to achieve from the get-go: his sense of purpose.

“I feel music is a great way to express my thoughts. It’s like therapy. Get in the studio and talk through the mic”, shared the talented artist.

For this reason, Toshae works on his craft to create music that speaks volumes of positivity and encouragement. With an unrivaled ability to deliver meaningful messages to the world, his songs reflect a message dedicated to empowering the next generation of changemakers. Without a doubt, Toshae is on his way to materializing his goal of becoming a beacon of hope someday.

Currently, Toshae already has three projects under his belt. He released Introduction in 2019 and Rock Solid in 2020. Proving to be committed to his craft, Toshae recently released his third LP entitled Motion. This LP is designed to continue his mission of a better world one track at a time.

Outside the realms of music and entertainment, Toshae is an entrepreneur who is currently on his way to dominating the real estate and trucking industries. By delving into multiple trades, he wishes to deliver his messages of hope to various individuals from all walks of life.

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, Toshae is expected to expand his horizons, creating more groundbreaking initiatives that further solidify his quest for helping others and serving as an inspiration. With passion, perseverance, and determination under his belt, Toshae is bound to take the industry by storm.


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