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Talented Actor and Comedian Harry Osterhoudt Shows the World Why He’s About to Make it Big

In these trying times, there are only a few things we can truly rely on to entertain ourselves and keep things light. Comedy is a shining example of how we can deal with life’s problems and still have a good laugh along the way. Harry Osterhoudt is a steward of laughter, bringing joy to people all over the world through his comedy and remarkable acting skills.

Harry Osterhoudt Jr. was born the youngest sibling of five in Irvington, New Jersey. The renowned comedian attended Raritan Valley Community College, followed by Simmons College of Kentucky, where he studied video and film production. He also played Semi-Professional Basketball from 2010 for five years with the American Basketball Association (ABA).

Harry started doing stand-up at local bars and various venues. He kick-started his acting career and appeared in the movie Notorious (2009). From then on, the esteemed comedian appeared in HARRY OSTERHOUDT shows like Starz Power Season 6, which aired in 2019, Love & Hip-Hop, The Politician Season 2, the web series Trappin, Those Who Can’t, and the feature film The Blue Labyrinth, which premiered at NBC Studios NYC in February 2020.

Apart from his acting career, Harry Osterhoudt is a well-rounded individual who has had several appearances as a professional model in print and on the runway for local boutiques and designers of New Jersey. He was a commercial model who appeared in the Forman Mills commercial in 2010 and has seen a lot of modeling work since then.

Harry has volunteered his time with the Boys and Girls Club supporting and inspiring young people to reach for their goals and achieve great success. He has performed stand-up shows at Stress Factory Comedy Club, Scottie Comedy Cove, and Broadway Comedy Club in New York.

Nowadays, Harry Osterhoudt is slated for an upcoming Broadway comedy show and is about to start shooting the second half of The Blue Labyrinth. The man has an incredible work ethic, and he hopes to obtain more experience in roles that would further improve his craft as an actor and a comedian.

As an up-and-coming talent in the entertainment industry, Harry Osterhoudt hopes to inspire other aspiring individuals who hope to stake their claim in the industry. He advises other talented people to take things one at a time and to always continue pursuing their passions.

“As an upcoming entertainer, sometimes it may feel like you’re getting nowhere fast, or you may feel like a starving artist. Don’t give up. Even I played small roles in major shows. I must say the experience I’ve gained by being on set is something I will carry with me forever,” shared Harry. “If you’ve had the opportunity to be on any major projects, you know what I’m talking about, no matter the role. Once the camera rolls, you turn into someone else,” he added.

With his unique background performing at Broadway Comedy Club, Scottie Comedy Cove, and Stress Factor, Harry Osterhoudt was able to create a fan base and grow his improv skills which allowed him to communicate with his audience at a more intimate level. This skill set has allowed Harry to create outstanding content throughout his entire career, and he hopes to continue doing so in the near future.

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