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Maro Music (also known as “MARO”) is a globally recognized Polish DJ, producer, composer, and sound engineer. He is the host of “Addicted To Music,” a weekly radio show on DASH Radio. In addition, the multi-talented superstar has produced several recordings for the video game “Cyberpunk 2077”. He is also known for his work with Polish electronic dance music DJ and producer Skytech. In 2019, MARO and Skytech’s remix of Sanah’s “Invisible Dress” received over 22 million streams and reached double-platinum status in Poland. The following year, the remix was labeled a “Top 100” song for Europe by the top music industry professionals.

In addition, MARO is also known for his collaborations with the most respected legends in rap and hip-hop, including Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon, amongst others. These rap legends have made significant contributions to MARO’s new full-length album, “Rejects” (Addicted To Music).

MARO (real name, Marek Walaszek) is also the founder of Bettermaker®, an award-winning manufacturer of professional mix and mastering technology used by multiple GRAMMY® winning mix and mastering engineers around the world. Maro Music’s latest release is an adaptation of the 1979 international hit song by The Police, “Message In A Bottle,” created with Skytech; the new version was released in November of 2022 on Sony Music, and the title is Skytech & MARO Music featuring Meredith Bull, “S.O.S.” (Sony Music).

NY Weekly: Congratulations on your new release on Sony Music, with Skytech, “S.O.S.” Tell us about it!

MARO Music: Skytech and I have a really great working relationship together in the studio. We’ve done work together before on Sanah’s “Invisible Dress,” a remix that achieved over 22 million streams and went double-platinum.

NY Weekly: Wow, that’s impressive…

MARO Music: Matt [Skytech] is great, and we work very well together. On “S.O.S.,” he hit me up with this rough idea to make a cover version of “Message In A Bottle” by The Police. It’s an iconic song that everyone knows all over the world. At first, we had it being sung by a male vocalist, but my intuition was telling me that the song might be better if it would have maybe a fresh, delicate female voice instead…

NY Weekly: How did you come upon Meredith Bull, the vocalist?

MARO Music: I contacted this amazing vocalist named Meredith Bull about the possibility of joining our project, and happily, she said yes. She did an amazing job on the vocals! We loved it, and her voice fits perfectly. Also, in the beginning, the song had a strong slap-house vibe to it. Later on, during the studio sessions, though, we ended up easing up on that vibe a bit. The final result still has a dance feel to it, but it’s also suited for the radio and being played out in a hip hotel lounge or a bar/lounge, for example. 

NY Weekly: really impressive that you were able to get Sony Music to sign your cover! Especially given that you were not originally commissioned by the major label to do a cover version of the song…

MARO Music: Technically, our version is an adaptation. Believe it or not, the last mix I did of “S.O.S.” was so close to the deadline that I had to send it straight to Sony Music. But we made it! I’m super happy about it and, of course, extremely happy that Sting approved it.

Stream Skytech & MARO Music feat. Meredith Bull, “S.O.S.” (Sony Music), here: https://smp.lnk.to/SkytechMaroSOS 


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