Rosalind Art Gallery Dominates the New York City Art Space

Without a doubt, New York is by every standard, a multicultural city where people from all walks of life converge to conduct business and participate in the amazing nightlife the city has to offer. Yet, amid everything New York City has to offer and might become in the nearest future, modern art is thriving at the heart of the city, and Rosalind Panda is one impressionist who has staked a rightful claim on the city’s art and design.           

Operating at the center of the city since 2019 is Rosalind Arts, an art gallery established by globally renowned artist Rosalind Panda who lives in New York and expresses her artistry amid everything New York city has to offer. Rosalind Art Gallery has been described as “heaven built with the amazing oil paintings in Abstract, Landscapes, Contemporary, Impressionistic, Realistic, Modern categories.”

Oil paintings are a form of art that requires the use and placement in specific ways. The process for creating these pieces includes using oil colors, brushes or knives with palettes to achieve different styles depending on what is needed from it, as well as an artistic brain at work when executing one’s unique vision into reality. 

When you look at the art pieces, each with a unique design and color scheme to it, they can connect deep underlying meaning for themselves because of how well-crafted Rosalind Panda’s work is as an artist.

Each of Rosalind’s paintings has a variety of distinctions in texture, feature, and style that helps them stand out in a crowd. Every painting carries a message of optimistic and enthusiastic attitude towards life filled with the essence of love, peace, and humanity. 

Rosalind Arts’ paintings carry more than just colorful and interesting messages when you look at them. The individual brushstrokes have been carefully applied to create unique textures in each piece, providing depth for your eyes to travel across its surface while also giving off an optimistic vibe with how lively everything looks. One can tell from looking at these pieces what kind of mind the artist possesses and every thought points to a person filled with love (both romanticized and platonic), peacefulness, but humanity too. From above, it is clear that Rosalind Art Gallery is a must-visit. 

According to Rosalind, the decision to venture into art stemmed from wild imagination and the ability to breathe life into a canvas.

“I’m blessed with my unique skills to paint my imagination which can hold an underlying message of peace and love to humanity. Furthermore, my specialty motivates me to have my own brand,” she shared. “Five years from now, I see myself/my company Rosalind Arts having its own physical gallery as the legacy in New York City, where my art buyers can acquire my artworks. In addition, I see myself working with renowned art auction houses.”

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