Rosa Cesareo’s Single “Pretty Eyes” Secures 13th Spot at UK Music Week Commercial Pop Chart

Many people want to pursue music as a career, hoping to do what they love for a living while sharing their passion with others. But the road to music stardom is far from easy. One needs to develop their musical talent and spend time honing their craft, which is what 21-year-old Rosa Cesareo has done relentlessly over the years. Today, she is enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Rosa Cesareo is a musician and artist from Las Vegas, Nevada, best known for two hit songs, “Pretty Eyes” and “Cruisin’.” Both songs have been making rounds on streaming platforms and radio waves. On September 7th, 2022, she released her single “Pretty Eyes,” which recently hit the UK Music Week Commercial Pop Chart and gathered raving reviews from fans and new listeners. The song debuted at #19 on the chart and is currently at #13, with a recent surge in streaming activity.

Rosa was born to immigrant parents who moved to the United States before meeting in California and later moving to Nevada. Her Iranian mother and Italian father first noticed her passion for music when she was four, playing her Hello Kitty CD player repeatedly and drawing herself to music no matter the occasion. That would become the starting point of Rosa’s musical journey. 

The artist’s skills have brought her many prestigious honors and opportunities. One of her most valued achievements is gaining admission to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, an awe-inspiring feat for a promising talent like Rosa, who has never had formal musical training before. She grew her craft by finding other ways to learn. Her eagerness to entertain others, singing her favorite songs by Gwen Stefani, Amy Winehouse, and Brittney Spears, has been a strong driving force. 

Rosa stands out because of her rich and distinct singing voice, which has captured people’s attention and interest non-stop. Despite her parents not being musicians, they exposed Rosa to different kinds of music from different cultures at an early age. As a result, she has developed a global taste in music that has shaped her bold and unique sound. As a way of supporting her passion, her father bought her a piano as a gift, and she learned how to play it by watching the pianists’ hands note by note until she could play it herself.

When she was 15, Rosa became inspired to write songs that allowed her to express herself during a tumultuous time. After writing and releasing her originals on SoundCloud for several years, Rosa decided to pursue music for her higher education. 

At present, Rosa is in her final year of studying Production and Sound Design. While pursuing her studies, she also performs her original songs at solo, duo, and band gigs in Las Vegas and Boston.

With technology and worldwide coverage of today, it’s easier than ever to make and establish a music career. However, that does not mean the journey won’t be hard. As a promising artist who is ready to take over the world one day, Rosa stays positive and keeps her love for music alive during the process. 


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