Robin Gargano, The Founder of L4 Finds Beauty Within Tragedy

A great author has a personal journey worth saying that will create change and cause a positive effect within the world. Robin Gargano lived a story of inspiration through her personal journey that created a passionate writer, coach, speaker, and courageous entrepreneur. Robin pours her passion into her work and continues to tell stories that can serve, impact, and inspire others to live to their fullest potential. The start of her personal and professional life gives her the fuel needed to become the impressive and unforgettable writer she is today. As a result, her mental pilgrimage through life’s hardships and memories helped her master the process of reinvention beautifully described in her book, “The Beauty Within Tragedy.” Gargano is represented by

 ZavoMedia Group headquartered in NYC. The prestigious boutique firm believes in Robin

 Gargano and the endless success she will achieve on a national level in her industry as a groundbreaking resilience coach, strategist and author.

NY Weekly: What inspired you to write this book?

Robin: It was my dream for my then-husband and me to always start a family. After five miscarriages (two of the pregnancies were sets of twins), we decided to temporarily separate, mainly because our grieving process took a toll on our marriage. After doing the hard work and communicating with one another, we started the process of working on our marriage.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck once again as I lost my husband to a plane crash. As I was handling my personal affairs, my brother was expecting a second child from his incarcerated girlfriend when he unexpectedly passed away as well. Instead of sitting in my grief, I decided to give my nieces a better life and fought to adopt and raise them as my own. A little after the adoption, I met a man with two amazing daughters and dubbed him as my second soulmate, and officially started the family I’ve always wanted. Today, I enjoy the blessings of being an entrepreneur, a loving significant other, and a mother of four beautiful girls.

That is my reason for writing, to show my girls and others that storms are inevitable but walking through the storm to find and realize the sunshine and rainbows will return, is worth the fight.

NY Weekly: How do you stand out as an expert in your niche?

Robin: As a writer, I believe my tone is pure and comes from reflecting on different emotions and experiences. My creative ways of captivating the audience to feel pain, love, and happiness are gifts readers crave from writers. It was important to me that my first book awakens the audience’s thoughts to process situations differently than how they have in the past. I understand that people tend to close themselves off to their emotions because they can become overwhelming; however, my story is intended to stir up and gently demand readers to feel and deal with suppressed emotions. I realize some people fall into darkness and are unable to move forward. So, I made it my mission to help others find a way to rebuild a joyous life for

themselves. I credit God’s guidance, strength, and love as the catalyst for making my first book possible as I traveled through the capsules of my own mind and pushed myself to produce a solid body of work for my audience.

NY Weekly: Can you tell me about the book?

Robin: My book, “The Beauty within Tragedy,” is one centralized around concepts that I am personally acquainted with: grief and growth. “The Beauty within Tragedy” means there’s always something beautiful amongst the bad. We may not see it now, but the sooner we take that occurrence and shift our minds to understand that this is something we get to use to propel us into something more incredible, the easier these challenges will become. That is not to downplay the severity of pain, but to harness power from pain is a gift we get to learn. There are many gifts in grief, and there is beauty in tragedy, always. After facing the loss of my family in the worst ways to living out my personal and professional dreams, my book is an excellent example of turning tragedy into something beautiful. My two-year journey of writing these short, chronological stories and sections of guidance through acceptance, lessons, and healing tools will prove to empower others of my personal philosophy, “Nothing happens to us; things only happen for us. Every situation is an opportunity to rise up from for new transformation”. I consider “The Beauty within Tragedy” as a source of therapy for myself and others as the book displays how to persevere through struggles, survive through suffering, and accept the authentic and vulnerable side of self.

NY Weekly: What’s one thing you learned about yourself while writing your book?

Robin: As I continue to live and write with the heart of my spirit animal, the phoenix, I teach others how to rise from the ashes of life and recreate themselves into even better and more beautiful people. I believe that my book was an opportunity to tell my intimate truth and bravely let go of the frightening idea of judgment that may come. I decided to trust the process and permit myself to gracefully work through the experience of writing. I believe that there’s always room for healing, and this book allowed me to continue my own path of healing by discovering new acceptance of these times. As a result, it was important for my book to become a coachable piece of literature that would activate my reader’s personal development. My plans are to continue writing my story and show the world a better way to live through the twists and turns of life.

As a brave individual in the face of adversity, she continues to rise from her ashes and rebuild herself even stronger staying true to her phoenix spirit. She currently lives in the prosperity of her hard work, resilience, and dedication to herself and family while inspiring others through relatable stories. By resurrecting from multiple tragedies to shining brighter than ever before, she embodies the essence of a true phoenix!

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