Thursday, February 29, 2024

New York Artist Rick Bars Reaches #1 Position in Yonkers Charts with Cozz

Rick Bars and Cozz are now number 1 on YouTube Charts in Yonkers, New York. Rick Bars has been getting a lot of attention locally in his state. This summer, he has been hosting events/workshops around New York, educating artists on how to invest in themselves. He has also partnered up with Major Replay in New York to organize events. Major Replay is a promotion and distribution company that makes educational events. It seems like Rick has made an impact that is creating fans around New York State which continues to grow every day.

Fans are truly loving Cozz’s energy on this track and are ready to see him perform with Rick. Cozz has been with J. Cole’s label Dreamville Records since 2014. He has been touring and making a name for himself around the states. He also has a recent freestyle titled “Big Trouble Freestyle,” which has been performing well. His first album, “Cozz & Effect,” from 2014, is still getting played and going strong.

Rick Bars has used this opportunity to promote his own marketing company Rick Bars Marketing LLC. He offers digital marketing for companies and individual artists who need to grow their platform. His website is focused on YouTube and return on investment. Rick Bars is not signed to any label currently however, some users on YouTube believe that he may potentially be getting signed by Dreamville.

As the song continues to grow, it is expected to get placements and publishing opportunities. With over 1 million views in less than a week, it can be expected to go much further than recent releases. His previous release investments have over 10 weeks on the YouTube charts. Fans are predicting it will do the same or better and do well in the Latin community since he is Dominican.

Listen more to Rick Bars x Cozz – Don’t Waste my Time on Youtube.

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