Meet Logan Blackman, a Pianist, Bassoonist and Composer Setting His Own Rhythm To Music

Music is a remedy that touches your soul and makes you feel lost in it. There are only a few musicians who are able to garner the audience and make them stay glued to their melody. The musical world comprises vocalists, instrumentalists, and composers who work with precision and clarity of thought before finally delivering their masterpiece. One such personality is Long Blackman, a freelance organist, pianist, and musician, who has been in this creative industry for over fourteen years now.

Inspired and fascinated by the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Blackman began his musical journey at the young age of eleven as an organist. His music captivation soon blossomed into a burning passion for this art, and he went on to become a bassoonist at the age of thirteen. A year later, Blackman started his conducting and composing career. Soon, he was presented with an opportunity to conduct the Murray State Wind Ensemble and record a piece of his. From there, Logan began studying the art of conducting and even formed his own wind symphony, “The Blackman Wind Symphony,” as a 17-year-old. He ran the semi-professional group for a period of five years.

After completing high school, Blackman went on to pursue his degrees in music. He attended the University of Kentucky and received a bachelor’s in bassoon performance as well as a master’s in conducting. Blackman also completed one year of work on his doctorate in orchestral conducting at the University of Utah.

The only thing that makes Blackman’s music unique is his range of emotions. Through his music, Logan has been able to communicate better. One of his serious works includes ‘Prayer of a Broken Heart’, a depiction of the loss of his parents when he was just a 15-year-old. “It tells a story of my own tragedy and triumph, my own grief, and I think impactfully so,” says Blackman.

On the other hand, Blackman also finds himself leaning towards comedic relief and satire, one of the examples being his sonata for bassoon and piano, “The Logic of a Mad Man”, which is a total satire. In the future, Logan intends to write more symphonic works and record some piano repertoire. The viewers can also expect the release of his first album, which will be available on SoundCloud and YouTube to watch and listen to.

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