Long Island Author Diane Calabrese: Award-Winning Author, Holistic Therapist, and Educator
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Long Island Author Diane Calabrese: Award-Winning Author, Holistic Therapist, and Educator

By: Diane Calabrese LLC

Diane Calabrese, a distinguished author, holistic therapist, and adjunct professor, has recently been recognized for her outstanding contributions to literature and holistic health. Her four books, “Mind, Body, Spirit and Discovering the Purpose of Life,” “Meditations for the Mind-Body-Spirit,” “God Loves Sea Animals Too; Poetry for Inspiration,” and “He is Watching,” have garnered accolades from the International Impact Book Awards. Diane is set to attend a red carpet Gala event on November 2, 2024, in Phoenix, Arizona, to celebrate this achievement.

Diane’s academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation from Saint Joseph’s College, followed by a Master of Science in Health Care Policy and Management from Stony Brook University. During her time at Stony Brook, Diane was actively involved in various boards and was recognized in Marquis Who’s Who. Her extensive experience spans over thirty years as a recreational therapist in hospitals, nonprofit agencies, public schools, and universities, including her recent roles in higher education at Florida International University and as a recreational therapist for the US Department of Veterans Affairs, from which she has recently retired.

Continuing her passion for education, Diane serves as an adjunct professor at Florida International University, where she has been teaching since 2014. Her courses, including the Reiki Lab and Aromatherapy Lab, reflect her deep knowledge and commitment to holistic therapy. Diane also offers an aromatherapy course to the public through the Udemy Virtual E-Learning platform, further extending her reach and impact.

Diane’s affiliation with wellness platforms such as WellMeRight.com and Heal.me.com highlights her dedication to holistic healthcare practices. She has also contributed to the Journal of Modern Healing––Integrative Pain Healers Alliance and is a member of the Long Island Authors Group since 2023.

What sets Diane apart in her field is her multifaceted expertise as a professor, author, and therapist. Her recent awards from the International Impact Book Awards underscore the quality and relevance of her work. Diane’s books, used in higher education, offer profound insights into self-help and holistic healing, making her a trusted authority in these areas.

Quotes from her first book, “Mind, Body, Spirit & Discovering the Purpose of Life,” encapsulate her philosophy and approach:

  • “Be responsible for your own happiness.”
  • “Be still and silent at the time of most distress.”
  • “Recognize the simplest ways of living are the most peaceful.”
  • “Live your life without regret and––live it as if it were the last.”
  • “Be optimistic and think positive.”
  • “Remember, your thoughts become your way.”
  • “Forgive yourself.”
  • “Forgive others.”
  • “Give praise when praise is due.”
  • “Humble your heart to the world, and it will be humble to you.”
  • “Do not allow others to exploit or abuse you––you are God’s precious gift.”


These insights reflect Diane’s holistic approach to life and therapy, encouraging readers to find balance and peace within themselves.

Diane’s accomplishments and contributions to literature and holistic health are well-documented and celebrated. Her recognition by the International Impact Book Awards is a testament to her influence and dedication. As Diane prepares to attend the gala event in Phoenix, her story continues to inspire many in the fields of literature, holistic therapy, and education.

Diane’s commitment to holistic therapy is not just academic but practical. Her work as a recreational therapist has impacted countless lives, providing therapeutic recreational activities that promote health and well-being. Her approach integrates mind, body, and spirit, ensuring a comprehensive therapeutic experience for her clients.

Her role as an adjunct professor at Florida International University allows her to shape the minds of future therapists and healthcare professionals. By incorporating her books into her curriculum, Diane ensures that her students have access to valuable resources that combine theoretical knowledge with practical applications. This approach not only enriches the students’ learning experience but also equips them with the tools necessary to succeed in their future careers.

Diane’s courses on platforms like Udemy make her expertise accessible to a global audience. These courses offer practical knowledge of aromatherapy and other holistic practices, allowing individuals to benefit from her extensive experience and insights. By making these resources available online, Diane is democratizing access to holistic health education.

Diane’s involvement with organizations like WellMeRight.com and Heal.me.com further demonstrates her dedication to promoting holistic health practices. These platforms connect individuals with holistic health practitioners, providing a space for people to seek and receive holistic health advice and services. Diane’s contributions to these platforms help raise awareness about the benefits of holistic health practices and support individuals in their wellness journeys.

In summary, Diane Calabrese’s career is marked by her dedication to holistic health, her commitment to education, and her contributions to literature. Her recognition by the International Impact Book Awards is a well-deserved acknowledgment of her impact and achievements. As she prepares to celebrate this milestone at the gala event, Diane’s work continues to inspire and benefit many, making her a notable figure in the fields of holistic health, therapy, and education.

For more information about Diane Calabrese and her work, please visit her LinkedIn profile at Diane Calabrese on LinkedIn, her YouTube channel at Diane Calabrese on YouTube, and her Facebook page at Diane Calabrese on Facebook.


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