Kimone Peart Is Turning Heads with Her Beauty and Brains

While many people around the globe are discovering the potential the fashion industry has as a lucrative career path, there is no doubt about it that only a few can make it to the top. This is simply because while there certainly are several types of consumer bases you have to be able to appeal to a majority of them, whether through a natural enigma or if you are a designer through your creations—if you want your name to rank among the biggest few. On this note, today we introduce Kimone Peart, a talented young woman who is working in the fashion industry in the double role of a model as well as a fashion influencer.

Kimone Peart’s liking for this career path began when she was quite young, but with time and the discovery of hobbies such as fitness and photography, she soon found herself to have grown into the perfect fit for one of the top faces in the market. At present Kimone Peart has already created a strong portfolio for herself as a versatile model, adept in portraying several modes such as bold and sultry or free-spirited and relaxed.

For someone who is so involved in fashion as a consumer, it is expected that they also have an opinion of the industry and its front runners on a macroeconomic scale. In this, Kimone Peart does not disappoint and once again proves her worth as a conscious and well-opinionated individual with her attitude towards some of the top brands such as Nike, FashionNova, Versace, and Ralph Lauren to name just a few. “I have a deep respect for Nike. Their efforts in the industry have made good quality athletic gear accessible and affordable for all. Their penchant for innovation and incorporation of different facets of the target audience is nothing but proof of how serious they are at being the best. As for the latter, they are my favourites to shop from, with inclusive sizes and constantly updating wardrobes a definite plus,” Kimone Peart explains. Apart from the above, majority of Kimone Peart’s work and style in the fashion industry, not only as an influencer but also as a model, has been guided by the collections designed by some top names in the industry. This is not to say that Kimone Peart takes heavily from their style but indeed is impacted by the level of determination and hard work they have put into making fashion that much more gorgeous and unique.

Truly a multi-talented personality, there is much more to be expected from this ambitious woman, including but not limited to working with top fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle. To stay updated, make sure to follow Kimone Peart on her Instagram account @mskimona and also on her website:

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