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Philippines Model & Actress, Joana David’s Journey From Being A Call Center Representative To An Actress & Model

Joana David
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Joana David is a big name in the Philadelphian adult film industry. With her sexy looks and charm, she’s making lakhs of men drool and is climbing the ladder of success with every project.

Joana David started her career as an online casino call center representative. But it was her looks which made her stand out among all. She always had that spark of making it big in her life and when her colleagues encouraged her, she decided to take the leap. As they encouraged her to try working as a model, she joined Playboy Philippines. Joana’s growth was stupendous as she soon became Playmate of the year in 2019. 

Since that day, Joana David hasn’t looked back and gone from strength to strength. While Joana’s a successful model and actor, she has also made it big as a vlogger. Her first project as an actress was with Vivamax. Titled Pamasahe, it released on Dec 5, 2021. 

Featuring her alongside Azi Acosta, Pamasahe has Joana playing the role of a cheerleader for the seamen and passengers of the ship. The actress has earlier admitted that her love scene in the film was intense. 

She loves being a part of bold movies and wants to do it more in the future. Currently she is looking forward to do more films. As a vlogger, Joana David started her journey in May 2021. Though these days she feels like an Ambivert and loves to stay indoors.

Joana David is a huge name on social media as she has hundreds and thousands of people who appreciate her hotness. Joana regularly updates her Instagram with pictures and videos as she loves to stay connected with her fans. Since she is a traveller too, her  content is about travelling, trying out local restaurants and working out. 

She also shares a lovely message for young dreamers and her followers. Joana says that one must never give up and should give their best when the opportunity knocks. She says that there’s nothing wrong in trying especially if we know that we don’t intend any harm to other people.

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