How This 20-Year-Old Created One of the Biggest Sports Trends of 2022

It is the age of social media, and we are in the golden era of sports. With new technologies like video streaming, live feeds, and interactive apps, there’s never been a better time to be a fan. And with this excitement surrounding professional sports, it seems only natural that fans have become more engaged than ever before – funnier, too.

Take Preston Adelman, for example: at 20 years old, he has claimed his spot as one of the biggest trendsetters in 2022. His Instagram account, SmallAthletes, features photoshopped pictures that make even the biggest athlete appear tiny. It’s all done to hilarious effect and has generated many buzzes online as fans recommend who they want to see next in shrunken form.

The reactions from fans have been positive and enthusiastic as they constantly make funny remarks about the famous small athletes. Some have called Preston “a genius, and this trend he pioneered has gone viral across social platforms like Instagram and Twitter. The shoutouts from famous personalities have also paved the way for bigger deals, which Preston admits is more than exciting.

Major sports leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL, WNBA, and MLB have collaborated with Preston to turn their athletes into miniature sizes in pictures. His work with these teams has generated millions and millions of impressions, attracting even more deals and making Preston a legend in the sports space.

The young trendsetter says he’s worked with 50+ teams in major leagues, including the 2022 WNBA Champions (Vegas Aces) and 2022 NHL Champions (Colorado Avalanche). In addition, Preston has recently collaborated with the New York Knicks and New York Mets, a fruitful and entertaining partnership that left many fans in stitches.

Even though he’s accomplished a lot in the last six months, Preston quickly points out that creating was just a single step toward success. He admits there were many misses before he made a name for himself. One such miss was reaching out to teams and being ignored, only for the teams to adopt his proposed idea and leave him out of the picture. Instead, Preston says he decided to look beyond this unsatisfactory act and was grateful they liked his idea so much and chose to copy it.

“If you believe in something, don’t give up on it,” Preston urges. “If it doesn’t work, get creative. Once you land that first gig, the excellent quality will give you the deserved traction.” He further explains that he landed his first collaboration with the Detroit Tigers from an old connection, and everything snowballed from then.

“My #1 advice… Build genuine connections,” he reiterates. “You never know who will be able to help in the future.” He reiterates the place of forging valuable connections and how it has played a role in opening up massive doors and availing incredible opportunities for him. They’ve also made him a bona fide trendsetter, with thousands of followers on his socials and admirers eager to copy his next move.

Preston discloses he has more plans in the works, but he’s choosing to keep them up his sleeve. His dream is to have worked with every single pro team in the next few years, create exclusive merch lines with teams, and bring these miniatures to life with custom bobbleheads.


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