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Gear Up for R.SHE’s Upcoming Single—Wanderlust

If you are an ardent music lover who loves to discover new music, Ryah Shata has an upcoming single for you. Born on 16th November, 1999, the 22 year old talented musician began her journey over four years ago. R.SHE was always passionate about music and began composing at a rather young age. She worked at a job where her task was to roll silverware which she used to do at the back of a hidden stairway. She was the sole worker during her shift which is why she did not really have the chance to socialize with anyone. Thus, she began writing songs which she thoroughly loved doing. It felt like a sweet escape from the monotonous drudgery and troubles of reality. 

Ryah has been working extremely hard on her new single- ‘Wanderlust’ which is all set to release on 20th April this year. The track has a gloomy undertone with beautiful and relatable lyrical composition. She uses metaphors such as ‘blue bird’ that is used to indicate the lover who has arrived to visit her. The song depicts love, loss, solitariness and grief in a heartfelt way. “The song is a depressing one but with a great vision and story, and lovely harmonies that accompany it. It’s very expressive”, she further stated. R.SHE has invested an enormous amount of time, hard work and toil into developing this music and sincerely wishes that all her feelings and projection reach the soul of the listeners. Ryah has also produced a music video for this song which has further increased the anticipation level of her fans. This song is more special to Ryah since her twin brother, Ryan Shata, who is the creative director, has also invested a lot of effort into making this. Ryan has always been a source of inspiration and motivation for her which is why the entire song making process was very impactful as well as fun. 

Ryah Shata has always loved to experiment with music. She believes that it will expand her domain and help her make better music. Thus, you can always expect something new and unique in her songs. When asked about what was the best part about her journey, Ryah Shata replied, “Creating new Melodie’s has been my favorite thing about my journey,” Ryah has always maintained that while her own satisfaction with her music is of preliminary importance, she ultimately does it to connect with her audience. Thus, make sure to follow her on spotify so that you do not miss out on this upcoming hit:

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