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Drowsy is making a huge impact in the Electronic music world

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Music is one field of art that is extremely loved by everyone and holds a special place in some way or the other in everybody’s lives. While there are a vast number of musical genres and forms, Electronic music is widely enjoyed by many. There are many artists, DJs and songwriters who play around in the Electronic music genre and the love that people shower on this genre is immense.

One such highly beloved artist is, Jonathan Joseph Williams or as he is popularly known ‘Drowsy’.

Having started his music journey just for fun and because of his interest in the field, Drowsy has come a long way as he is in the works to release his latest upcoming album Certified Cyberboy and the album’s first single is due to be released in September.

Drowsy has multiple talents and he is a brilliant musician who is also a rapper, DJ, audio engineer, producer as well as a songwriter.

Drowsy has forever been extremely fond of the Electronic music genre and his fans love his work too. In fact, Drowsy says, “Certified Cyberboy will feature genres much as Hyperpop, Scenecore, Hip-Hop among others. This album will be mostly influenced by Electronic music.”

While he only began making musis for fun, Drowsy started recording himself soon after. It was the enjoyment and satisfaction that music brought to him that led Drowsy to decide that he wanted to seriously pursue music. Which is why, he went to Art School for Audio Engineering.

Although, Jonathan only began releasing his music under the name Drowsy since 2020. He released his first single I Wanna on Novermber 1, 2020 and his first album and music video in June this year.

In his beautiful journey as a musician, Drowsy has successfully experimented with different sounds and genres to create music that’s distinguished from all the other artists. His music particularly soothes those who have a taste for experimental and alternative Hip-Hop.

Drowsy has fans from across the world and the traction his music receives is outstanding.

Along with his upcoming album, Drowsy has plans to post more DJ mixes on his YouTube as well as Soundcloud channels.

Drowsy says, “My only goal is to make music that is able to have a positive impact on someone’s life. It doesn’t matter how many people I reach, as long I can make a difference in somebody’s life with my art, I am happy.”

Drowsy’s music is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and his DJ mixes can be heard on Soundcloud & YouTube. He can be reached on Instagram and Twitter.

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