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Chicago’s Rising Star, Jonte Wells Gives Back Off The Court Launching Greater Purpose Management

To help bridge the gap between the amateurs and the pros they one day wish to become, Chicago-based Jonte Wells decided to establish Greater Purpose Management as an extension of his work at the Greater Purpose Athletics basketball performance center.

A local entrepreneur for young athletes as well as an icon within the community, Jonte Wells spent years developing his skills as well as his place within the city. An athlete by nature, Jonte grew up in the inner-city Chicago with all of the perks and downsides that come along with it. After seeing firsthand how hard it was to develop his skills as a basketball player due to a lack of available indoor fitness centers, Jonte decided to flex his entrepreneurial spirit by establishing Greater Purpose Athletics.

Welcome to GPA: Find Your Greater Purpose

Growing up in the Windy City, many outsiders would think Jonte would have easy access to basketball courts and training centers. After all, the City of Chicago is as beloved for its basketball history as it is for its deep-dish pizza. With that being said, reality and expectations rarely intercede.

Deciding to help others avoid the pitfalls posed by a lack of resources in the city, Jonte would flex his entrepreneurial skills by establishing the Greater Purpose Athletics facility. More than 12,000 sq/ft of functional space is made available for athletes looking to learn the ins and outs of the game in a family-oriented environment where progress and success are heralded by all.

Jonte utilizes his history in the city as well as his life of basketball to develop the skills of his clients, working with them through skills development programs and individualized training. Jonte suggests that his background in the city can help to serve as an inspiration for the students at his gym. Jonte states, “We’re making sure that they’re happy and whatever they need to turn it on, they know where we are trying.”

Greater Purpose Athletics is a fully stocked and staffed facility with a training room, a basketball court with multiple hoops, a turf field, and even an area for parents to relax during sessions.

Build a Career At Greater Purpose Management

While developing skills is a core focal point at Greater Purpose Athletics, it is far from the only focus for Jonte Wells and his team. Wells understands that a career can be over in a second and that proper planning can be integral to far-reaching success. Jonte says that his success in real estate, as well as other entrepreneurial ventures, has helped to validate some of his advice. Jonte states, “They asked me, and I just kind of give them, you know, the spiel on what I do – what we do, and how we can help.”

Greater Purpose Management was established due to Jonte’s history as an athlete and what he understands of the sport. Jonte states that he works directly with the agents of young athletes, helping to develop a team that can cater to their day-by-day needs including contract negotiations, brand management, and name optimization. Pointing to recent advancements in NCAA regulation regarding branding and income for NCAA athletes, Wells understands that more and more college athletes will be seeking out representation.

Like the rest of his endeavors, Jonte has approached Greater Purpose Management with a depth of planning that is unrivaled among his peers. Wells and his team spend time putting together a roster of potential athletes that they want to support, contacting their agents before providing the individualized care and attention required to reach the highest levels of basketball, on and off the court.

Jonte says of his clients, “We’re trying to do everything in the day that they are asking of us (…) We are so small right now, they are getting a ton of attention and I think they appreciate that right now.”

Athletes that embrace Greater Purpose Athletics as an opportunity to develop their skills will enjoy many services, including

  • Sports Performance Training
  • Rental Shooting Stations
  • Full Court and Multi-Purpose Space Rentals
  • Recovery Rooms
  • Open Gyms, Tournaments, and Showcases.

Jonte and the Greater Purpose Athletics team operate on the idea that entrepreneurship and athleticism can go together as one to help individuals overcome any adversity while bouncing back at an early age.

Individuals in the Greater Chicagoland Area can seek out Greater Purpose Athletics at its Schaumburg location on Roselle Rd in Remington Plaza.

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