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A Combination of Astrology and Music: Vibhor Saini’s Journey through Talent, Legacy, and Hard Work

Vibhor Saini is an Indian music artist who has worked to produce music as well as bring considerable technological advances in the field for the coming generation of musicians. Born and brought up in Delhi, the capital city of India, Vibhor has had music as a prized possession since his childhood. He is the grandson of the great musician Prof. Bansilal Kapoor who founded one of the finest music colleges in India in 1924, the Saraswati Music College, New Delhi.  Vibhor’s mother, Mrs. Usha Saini is a sitarist and vocalist while his father Mr. B.R. Saini an astrologer & musician is the founder Director of National School of Astrology and Palmistry, the first formal school of astrology in India, he is the president, Saraswati Music College society as well. His brother Vipul Saini is a writer, a poet and a painter and curator at the Art Sastra art gallery. He released his collection of Urdu poetry, titled, “Udta Phire Hai” in September 2021. 

Belonging to a family full of artists, Vibhor engaged in both music as well as astrology at a very young age. He joined his father at the institute quite early and being a highly devoted son as well as disciple, he made sure that he offered the best of his ideas and knowledge for the growth of the institution. He devoted time to research work and into less explored scientific areas like medical astrology, pyramid therapy, modern Vaastu approach and their practical execution craft. By such means Vibhor not only introduced scientific and modern approaches in astrological practices but even took up the task upon himself to educate people against irrational beliefs and practices.

Further, carrying forward his legacy of music, he in 2007 launched the “Katharas Audio & Video Studios”, one of India’s premium studios for the discerning artists, musicians and producers. The studios were the result of his quest which began in 2004, for a recording place with the best technologies and setup to support acoustic music as was the output of the combined efforts of renowned sound engineer Mr. Satish Gupta and Vibhor Saini. The studios were designed keeping in mind the best synthesis of acoustics and aesthetics.

Then tracing the path to his lucrative career, Vibhor launched his first music album, “Singing Strings of Vibhor Saini”, volume 1 in 2004 and followed by it were Volume 2 and Volume 3 which were all launched by veteran actor Late Rishi Kapoor and were released by the biggest Indian music label Tseries.  The first volume sold over a million copies in CD format and the later ones achieved heartwarming support and viewership on the digital platforms. All the 3 volumes proved to be extremely prominent and admired amongst the audience. “The positive feedback has been encouraging,” shared Vibhor while expressing his gratitude to his loved audience.

After the launch of Volume 3, Vibhor had promised his audience to bring forth the 4th Volume of his album by the end of 2021 and he definitely kept his promise. 28th September, 2021 was marked by two great celebrations. First, was the grandiose event of Indian Film Festival Tashkent, Uzbekistan while the second, was the 98 anniversary of Saraswati Music College. The extravagant celebration at Saraswati Music College made no exception like always as the audience was swept off their feet with the launch of “Singing Strings of Vibhor Saini”, volume 4. Launched by actor, Mr. Randhir Kapoor, the album will be out by the end of 2021.

Though having accomplished exceedingly in life, Vibhor Saini is still looking out for ways to achieve more and offer his knowledge to the community by varying means. Vibhor Saini plans to have many more branches of the Saraswati Music College and the Katharas Studios by the 100th year of the college in 2023. There are already two more branches of the college, one in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and another in the Narmade River View Resort bldg. Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh.

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