Student Confidential: What Artists are Saying About L Makeup Institute

L Makeup Institute is one of the top accredited makeup artistry schools in the United States. With locations in Las Vegas and Dallas Fort Worth, LMI welcomes artists from around the world to develop their talents and industry expertise in areas such as beauty makeup, on-set hair styling, airbrush, body painting, character creation, and special effects makeup. Known as “The Harvard of Makeup Artistry,” LMI has become the destination school for those looking to become professional makeup artists.

As LMI founder and CEO Lissette Waugh explains, our proprietary curriculum, facility and classroom design, specialized equipment, photography studio, and extensive makeup kits with top-brand products creates this immersive experience that truly sets LMI apart from other makeup artistry schools within the industry.

“The L Makeup Institute’s faculty and staff are steadfastly committed to a culture that puts students first,” Waugh says. “We encourage personal responsibility and health decision making because these foster lifelong learning, personal growth, and achievement. Our education takes place in a safe, caring, expressive, and inclusive learning environment where traditional training is re-examined and innovative ideas thrive.”

Because of their unique approach to makeup artistry education which provides opportunities for hands-on learning from the first day of the program, LMI empowers each artist to maximize their potential. Not only does this make them better artists, but it also gives them expertise they need to thrive as professionals after graduation.

“In the end, our graduates leave with the tools to make their lives one amazing story,” Waugh says.

At LMI, the faculty and staff spend considerable time working closely with students to not only develop them into great makeup artists, but prepare them for life after graduation. In today’s competitive world, employers want an artist that knows how to do everything, however education does not stop with technical training. Another factor that sets LMI apart is their focus on the artists as working professionals. They offer coaching and coursework to help students start and manage their careers immediately after graduation.

“Students are trained on the hiring process, including resume writing, social media presence, and interview preparation. Graduates in good standing have access to ongoing career advice, job placement assistance and networking and experiential learning opportunities,” Waugh says. “Also, guest speakers from a broad range of applicable industries provide their perspective and what they look for when hiring makeup artists.”

Given the many benefits of an LMI education, it is no surprise that current and former students celebrate the program for giving them a head-start on their career path.

Wendy Ryan Shelton (pictured) is a seasoned hair and makeup artist based in Las Vegas, NV. Wendy graduated from the L Makeup Institute in 2012 and now travels the world keeping her celebrity clientele looking fresh and glamorous. She believes that the beauty of makeup artistry runs much deeper than the skin’s surface. Making her clients look and feel beautiful will also make them feel empowered and ready to take on any important event, pageant, photoshoot, TV, film, date night or even just to feel your best self for a day.

“Even as a licensed Cosmetologist, shortly after starting school at L Makeup Institute (LMI) I quickly realized I knew nothing about makeup application and my real training began! LMI went into great depth in their teachings about makeup applications, different skin types and textures, utilizing the correct brushes, product knowledge, sanitation, skin diseases to look out for, etc. We not only had hands-on training, but we were taught with all the different learning styles, and with myself as a visual and hands on learner, I was able to excel. L laid out in very simple terms what it would take to become a successful makeup artist, how to market yourself and conduct business, how to create your brand, etc. The instructors were so passionate when teaching us every aspect of the industry and what to expect. L had also offered to any L Makeup Alumni to feel free to come back to the school at any point in time of our careers to ask questions if needed or even sit in on a class if we wanted a quick refresher. 10 years later I am living my dream of a successful Las Vegas based HMUA and loving every minute of it. I truly owe my success to this school and love them for it. The L Makeup Institute wants to see you succeed and will do whatever they can to help you get there.”

For Waugh, the accolades from current and former students are a clear indication that L Makeup Institute is fulfilling its mission to makeup artists who arrive from around the world, searching for an opportunity to pursue their dreams and make an impact in the industry.

“We have a sincere interest in your journey to become a successful makeup artist,” Waugh says. “The entire L Makeup Institute team is always striving to elevate our students’ education experience, and that begins with the first time you enter our school, through graduation, and beyond.”

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