What’s So Special About the Pro Wrestling Mini Museum for Wrestling Fans?

If you are a fan of Wrestling, you must know about Mike Parker. He has been a big fan of wrestling and WWE superstars since his childhood. Now, he has launched a pro wrestling museum online for all wrestling lovers.

Since this museum works virtually, anyone can get a glimpse of the museum just by logging on to the site. This museum is a fully functional online entity. It has a rich collection of photos, memorabilia, merchandise,  autographed photos and ring worn outfits of the wrestlers themselves. Photos are regularly posted of these items online for fans.

Parker admitted he became a huge fan of WWE (formerly the WWF), when he saw the first WrestleMania in 1985. He was “hooked for life.”

“Actually, I got the idea of launching an online wrestling museum from a real wrestling store in Allentown, Pennsylvania called Pro Wrestling World. It showcased a lot of rare and unique items on display on its museum. As a wrestling fan, I was quite enamored by that. I still remember I visited that museum quite often just because I loved what it had to offer,” Parker said.

In 2018, the owner of that shop decided to shut the museum. Still, the owner allowed fans to fill out a request form for the items that they wished to buy from the shop.

Taking cue from the same, Parker also thought of creating his own Pro Wrestling Mini Museum for fans.  

“It’s my version of the museum. I started it with very limited resources; however, it has continued to grow bit by bit. I am happy that fans are appreciating my hard work and effort. Once I made it available online, the museum’s popularity soared,” Parker stated.  

Parker said, “Carmella’s ring worn outfit from the inaugural 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble is my most treasured item. She’s a personal favorite of mine and being from a first time event, it’s a real piece of history.”

Though Parker would love to someday to get an actual Ric Flair robe, he is happy to have feathers from two Flair robes including his famous robe worn at Starrcade ‘83. During the entire COVID-19 pandemic, the Pro Wrestling Mini Museum museum saw increased traffic online.


Instead of having to personally personally visiting WWE Axxess or a physical museum, many fans now enjoy getting a glimpse of antique WWE items, which are on display at Parker’s museum online. It is dedicated to all wrestling enthusiasts who are passionate about this art. Starting from photos, to outfits to to signed memorabilia of the stars, you will get everything here online.

Museum founder, Mike Parker, initially started collecting magazines and autographed photos of pro wrestling stars. Apart from the original Pro Wrestling World Museum in Allenton, Pennsylvania, Mike Parker was equally inspired from AdventureLand Store in New Jersey.

Mike Parker’s online museum has now become the favorite spot for all wrestling fans. He also regularly shares interesting updates on wrestling from its social media handles. The museum is live and active on all major social networking sites like Instagram (pwmuseum), Twitter (pwmuseum1), and Facebook (pwmuseum).

The museum also promises to have something for everyone. If you are a fan of the legendary Four Horsemen, there’s a dedicated section for that. Similarly, if you are a fan of the 80’s era of the WWF, you will get to see a lot of interesting items on the site.

The museum’s online pages also include a section for World Class Championship Wrestling. Finally, if you love women’s wrestling, the website has great resources, including signed pictures of female wrestling athletes, trading cards and also their ring worn attires.. Once you go online, you will fall in love with wrestling once again no matter at what era of wrestling you like..

You can visit the PW Museum here. Check out its Instagram profile now.




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