Victor Chocron Wants To Make Victor Pastries A Global Brand

It all started in those shiny eyes. Unlike other kids of his age, who played with toys, little Victor Chocron was more interested in knowing what’s brewing inside the kitchen. He followed his mom and grandma to the kitchen and started learning cooking and baking from them.

Gradually, cooking became a passion for the young Victor. After finishing his primary education, Victor got himself admitted to Instituto Superior Mariano Moreno in Caracas, Venezuela, and it changed his life forever.

Victor Chocron, 24, is passionate about making cakes and pastries. After completing his higher education, he floated his own company, Victor Pastries, and in no time, it became a top food joint for cake and pastries lovers. The shop is located at Miranda, in the greater Caracas locality.

How The Journey Started

“My journey has just started. I never expected such an overwhelming amount of affection and response from the public for Victor Pastries. Since people have showered me with so much love and blessings, I am committed to serving them delicious cakes, pastries, and desserts,” Victor Chocron stated.

Whoever visits Victor Pastries comes out from the shop with a big smile on their face. This is what keeps Victor Chocron on his toes. He always strives to offer the best and most delicious desserts to his customers. A smile on their faces assures him that his cakes and pastries are doing great.

Victor also pays great respect to any customer’s complaints or feedback. Victor and his staff work day and night to resolve such problems and try their best not to repeat it again. Barring one or two cases, Victor enjoys the support of all his customers and fans.

Victor Pastries on Social Media

He has a huge fan following across Instagram and other social networking sites. Victor interacts with his fans regularly on social media.

 “My social media accounts are flooded with various queries from my fans and followers. Some of them want to know my recipe secret, some of them ask me to give them some motivation tips, and few fans also ask me product-related questions regarding order, price, and supply. I feel happy when I receive these queries. It assures me that I am on the right path and made the correct decision by becoming a chef and cake maker,” Victor opined.

During Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Victor Pastries receives the maximum number of orders.

Victor and his team diligently pay attention to each order and fulfill them on time without failing the deadlines.

Victor owes the credit for the success of his venture, Victor Pastries, to his staff and customers.

Starting from cleanliness, material procurement, online branding to packaging, Victor’s team members manage all this work from their end to offer a spectacular customer-serving experience to visitors of the shop.

Victor Chocron was born in 1997. And he has been passionate about baking cakes since his childhood. Today, he is a popular chef with a good reputation across Venezuela.

His next aim is to make his country even more popular for its delicious cake and pastry.

Victor believed his country is facing numerous challenges now. But things will change soon. He is optimistic that Venezuela will become a global destination for investors within a few years.

The Future Ahead

When not busy, Victor learns new dishes and desserts. He also enjoys playing football and seeing new destinations.

He also believes that if his entrepreneurial venture, Victor Pastries, inspires and motivates the Venezuelan youth to chase their dreams amidst all challenges, it would be a great and personal accomplishment for him. Victor Chocron now harbours a dream to make Victor Pastries a globally-famous cake and pastry joint with its offices scattered across several locations worldwide.

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