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Venue’s Team of Psychologists Backed by AI Makes Professional Matchmaking Accessible to Everyone

Venue’s Team of Psychologists Backed by AI Makes Professional Matchmaking Accessible to Everyone
Photo Credit: Leo Jimenez

By: Caleb Hellinger

In an era where swiping left or right has become the norm in the search for love, a new player is set to revolutionize the online dating scene. Venue is redefining the matchmaking process by blending the expertise of human psychologists with advanced AI technology to offer a highly personalized and thoughtful dating experience, a far cry from the emotional burnout often associated with traditional dating apps.

The brains behind Venue are Leo Jimenez and Matt Spielvogel, two childhood best friends who have blended their diverse skills to create a modern dating platform. Leo has a background in Computer Science from Stanford University and experience in Product Management at LinkedIn and Oracle, where he led teams building machine learning products from zero to one. Matt specialized in Tech-Law and AI at IE University, has consulted for Grant Thornton, and worked at several startups. Their personal journeys in finding committed relationships through dating apps were the catalyst for Venue.

Venue aims to make the once-exclusive services of professional matchmakers available to a wider audience. Statistics reveal a grim reality: 78% of online daters experience emotional fatigue. Venue seeks to address this by reducing the inefficiency and emotional toll of traditional dating apps. “Our vision is to democratize white-glove matchmaking services, which have been proven to be more effective than dating apps but are inaccessible to most people,” Matt shared. They achieve this by empowering their team of relationship psychologists with AI agents, offering a dating experience that is highly curated and personal.

Leo and Matt were early adopters and power users of dating apps, which initially served as an exciting way to meet people throughout their high school and college years. However, once they started looking for more serious relationships, they realized that today’s dating apps are largely tailored to casual daters instead of those seeking long-term commitments. This issue was not just their own; they saw many friends who hoped to meet their significant others through these apps be met with disappointment from countless dates that went nowhere. This shared frustration and realization led them to create Venue, which promises to always prioritize serious daters.

Venue’s approach is straightforward yet innovative. Instead of endless swiping, users receive a handpicked recommendation from their matchmaker twice a week. These recommendations are not random; each comes with a lengthy introduction explaining why the pair might be compatible, as well as a first date venue suggestion. The venue is carefully chosen to be conveniently located between both individuals and aligned with their shared interests.

In addition to enhancing the matchmaking process, Venue is committed to creating a safe and respectful environment for its users. With over half of women experiencing sexual harassment on dating apps, according to a recent Pew Research Center study, Venue is taking a proactive stance. The app leverages the latest in AI technology for moderation, effectively preventing harmful content and ensuring kind interactions between users.

As Venue prepares for its launch in New York this spring and a broader release this summer, its mission is clear: to help you meet your person sooner. To get early access to the new matchmaking service, you can join the waitlist at


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