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Veblen Store Styles Big Stars with Sneakers and Hard-to-Find Pieces

The growing popularity of online shopping has benefited brands and shoppers alike. While stores are going digital to connect with customers around the globe, people can also source rare luxury items quickly now without having to go to physical showrooms. However, the downside is the rising number of fake stores and scammers deceiving people with cheap replicas of luxury items. If you are a fashionista dreaming of owning a rare pair of sneakers or someone with a fetish for exclusive timepieces, jewelry, and the most sought-after handbags, then Veblen Store is undoubtedly the right place for you. This online Instagram store provides its clientele with authentic luxury items, from apparel to footwear, watches, and bags, all on one platform.  

Founded by 23-year-old fashion enthusiast Afrid Rahuman, Veblen Store has grown exponentially within a short time by catering to the high-end preferences of celebrities and VIPs. Born in Sri Lanka, Afrid has always been passionate about fashion. Growing up, he turned his passion into Veblen Store, a functional business, making him one of Australia’s most popular personal shoppers by combining high-end designer couture and streetwear. Veblen Store’s range of products includes rare hyped sneakers, collector bags, sought-after jackets, and high-end watches. 

Veblen Store is a one-stop shop for all those who love exclusive and rare items from top brands around the world. With this store, Afrid has become a go-to personal shopper, stylist, and concierge for some of the biggest stars and VIPs from the music, sports, and business worlds. It all started when Afrid began collecting apparel and accessories that he loved and dreamt about. He soon found that this space was fraught with pages scamming people with fake products with price tags more than they’re worth. To help people find authentic luxury items at competitive prices, Afrid started Veblen Store and has remained true to his vision ever since. 

Veblen Store caters to the high-end preferences of celebrities and VIPs, with a range of products including hyped sneakers, collector bags, sought-after jackets, and high-end watches. Afrid has become a go-to personal shopper, stylist, and concierge for some of the biggest stars and VIPs in the music, sports, and business worlds. He has even sourced unique and rare items for his VIP clients, including a Rolex Daytona John Mayer and a rare exclusive Chanel bag.

Unlike other luxury items sellers or fashion stores, Veblen Store is not affiliated with the brands whose products it sells. Afrid stands out because of his extensive network of trusted connections around the world that he leverages to source genuine luxury products that are usually not available in any brick-and-mortar stores. He intends to provide the best possible service, ensuring authenticity, so clients feel confident shopping online. Afrid has sourced several unique and rare items for his VIP clients. Notable among them is a Rolex Daytona John Mayer, which was also one of his first milestones with Veblen Store. He also sourced a rare exclusive Chanel bag for a client—it is only one of a few pieces available in the world, and finding a brand-new one is often a near-impossible task. 

Despite his collection of genuine exclusive items, Afrid struggled to find credibility for the Veblen Store on Instagram. Scammers have ruined the shopping experience for niche customers looking for rare luxury items. With time, Afrid managed to achieve recognition, growing his client base by connecting with them on a personal level. Afrid interacts with his clients via WhatsApp to develop authentic relationships. He wants to continue growing Veblen Store into one of the most extensive online collections of exclusive luxury items in the world where shoppers can buy luxury items without hesitation. He is also looking forward to opening a brick-and-mortar boutique store in a few years where clients can view his rare collection in person before buying products.  

One of the key features that sets Veblen Store apart from other luxury item sellers is its focus on authenticity. Afrid is dedicated to ensuring that all of the products offered on the store are genuine and of high quality, and he goes to great lengths to source them from trusted connections around the world. This commitment to authenticity has helped Veblen Store build a loyal customer base of fashion-forward individuals who are looking for rare and exclusive items that they can trust are the real deal.

In addition to offering a wide range of high-end products, Veblen Store also provides personalized shopping and styling services to its clients. Afrid works closely with his customers to help them find the perfect items to suit their individual needs and preferences. Whether it’s a rare pair of sneakers, a collector bag, or a sought-after jacket, Afrid is always on hand to offer expert advice and assistance. This level of personalization is what sets Veblen Store apart from other luxury item sellers and has helped it become a go-to destination for some of the biggest stars and VIPs from around the world.

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