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Twenty-Year-Old Closes Over $4.2 Million Worth of Deals for His Agency and Brings in $500 Million of Private Funding for Its Clients

As much as we would like to believe that the path to success is smooth so long as we pour the much-needed time and resources to materialize our vision, countless roadblocks may stand in the way. For some, it is the lack of resources that prevented them from securing coveted positions in their chosen fields, while for others, it is the self-limiting beliefs that have hindered them from standing at the forefront of their respective industries. In the face of challenges that peppered along his way to greatness, Ariston Cortes barrelled through and overcame them all. Instead of allowing trials and tribulations to overpower his journey, he transformed them into launching pads where he could catapult himself towards the summits of success.

Widely recognized for his passion, brilliance, and incredible track record, Ariston Cortes is a twenty-year-old digital marketer and the founder and CEO of DonMedia. Quickly being considered as an elite in the space, this powerhouse is on his way to securing a coveted spot in the heavily saturated and increasingly demanding commercial industry. 

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Ariston Cortes always had an unparalleled knack for marketing and entrepreneurship. As a matter of fact, when he ventured into the space in high school and started to offer copywriting services, this self-starter amassed over $75.5 million in total client revenue. Although Ariston had a rough start and was not the best student in the room, he continued to persevere. Years down the road, this multifaceted go-getter breathed life into DonMedia.

Passionately established in 2021, DonMedia is a full-scale digital marketing agency that specializes in helping and scaling up ecommerce stores and online brands around the globe. It has an in-house team of 16 world-class experts who handle the majority of back-end processes and fulfillment. From ad and social media management to website development, the team, including its CEO, Ariston Cortes, stays committed to the company’s goal of delivering success and client satisfaction. Few know this fact, but DonMedia is an optimized rebrand from a prior agency that was established in 2018 while the founder was only a seventeen-year-old who couldn’t hold down a job for more than 6 months and so had to continuously jump to several different jobs in a year alone. 

Although the company has a team of 17 highly-skilled individuals, DonMedia takes pride in the fact that they do not have salespeople to attract clients. Every deal closed and contract signed is an effort solely done by its founder. Being a hands-on leader, Ariston Cortes sets the bar high among industry players across the globe.

Today, Ariston Cortes and his DonMedia team have managed to pull an average monthly revenue of $310,000. In 2021 alone, they were able to bring an astonishing $4.2 million in revenue, making DonMedia one of the most sought-after marketing agencies across the industry. With the company’s recent partnership with 35 private lenders and investors, Ariston has acquired $500 million in total funding and has taken the next big step in his entrepreneurial journey, helping striving Canadian entrepreneurs acquire the capital funds that they need to grow their eCommerce businesses. As someone who experienced hardships during his journey to success, DonMedia’s founder wanted to create an impact by providing solutions to aspiring powerhouses across the commercial space.

“Our clients, both current and future, will have the power and ability to leverage the funding that DonMedia has acquired to help kickstart and grow their business,” said Ariston.

Without a doubt, Ariston Cortes is just getting started. With plans of expansion under his wing, he aims to become an industry leader in the space, helping hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs drive their businesses forward. Ariston also hopes to organize events that inspire others to thrive and succeed, no matter how difficult the path may be.

To learn more about DonMedia, you may visit the company’s website.

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