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Success Architect and Woman in Construction, Amber Ybarra shares her story

Written by: Tedfuel

Amber Ybarra is a multi-talented woman who has managed to build her own construction business as well as coaching agency at a rather young age. She has been in the construction business for close to a decade. Besides that, she has also established a strong foothold in the modelling business. With her successful ventures in multiple industries, Amber has demolished the stereotype regarding women and their professional capacities. She has also received several awards for her hard work such as being nominated as a Woman in Leadership with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, being invited as a guest on Brad Lea’s podcast Dropping Bombs and receiving international media recognition.

Amber stepped into the world of business back in 2007. She had signed as a curve model with the prestigious agency,  Elite Model Management. She was quite satisfied as this profession which combined two of her favourite things- travelling and entrepreneurship. During her journey, she explored multiple industries and professions including a hair and makeup artist to painter. Some of the most memorable highlights of her journey include working as a makeup artist for Chilli from TLC and hosting bustling art shows in downtown Atlanta. She also established her own construction company called Cityline Fence Co. which is one of the most successful companies renowned for building commercial as well as residential fences for over eight years in south Texas.

Amber is a truly inspirational woman who has proved her unparalleled skills multiple times in many different industries such as construction, the art world, the fashion industry, and many more. This is precisely why she felt the need to help other women as well as aspiring entrepreneurs in their journey to achieving success. Her advice to everyone striving out there is to never give up because of fear. Even when she started out, Amber was stuck in analysis paralysis. She had a fear of failing, and was stuck with how to even begin. However, she took the leap of faith despite knowing all its potential risks and the decision proved to be right.

For those interested in Coaching or attending a live event with Amber Ybarra, text “NYC” to (210) 328-4714 message NYC to her @amberybarra on Instagram. We wish her the best of luck for all her future endeavors and hope that she continues inspiring all of us. 

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