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Stankevicius.com Now Provides Fixed-Income and Arbitrage Trading Plans

Stankevicius.com Now Provides Fixed-Income and Arbitrage Trading Plans
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Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking (stankevicius.com) has confirmed recent partnerships with global investment banks and institutions managing nearly $60B to extend investment plan offerings to clients for fixed-income and arbitrage trading for the Middle East and Asia. 

CEO, Paulius Stankevicius has confirmed business collaborations with regulated European and US-based financial institutions to introduce advanced arbitrage trading solutions to the Middle East market, especially the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. A lot of investments in the Middle East are real estate based and some private equity. The market is still not entirely advanced the same as US, Europe, or Asia, in terms of electronic financial instrument trading like stocks, equities, and bonds. 

Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking has been passively trading digital assets and offering fixed-income investment plans for clients in the traditional financial market. In a recent article on Fast Company, Stankevicius Group has informed of a potential merger for advancing towards investing and banking. Founder and CEO, Paulius Stankevicius, has mentioned in numerous announcements over the last couple of years entering the financial services and banking sector, and the group is now progressing further with its developments. 

What is arbitrage trading? 

Let’s say a company stock on NYSE is trading at $10 and the same company stock on Shanghai Exchange is trading at $10.5, the algorithm would automatically detect available so-called deals, and automatically purchase stock from NYSE and sell on Shanghai Exchange making a profit of $0.5 per single traded stock. 

Is arbitrage trade safe? 

Advanced arbitrage trading is very developed and smart. It is practically very difficult to lose money because before purchasing the stock, you already know the selling price and how much you can earn. The only downside that could possibly come up when trading in high volumes and frequently, is server and technical issues. 

How do you manage the risk? 

A lot of private investment firms managing under $10M would be doing manual arbitrage and that is risky because automation gives an advantage on timing in the stock market, however large investment companies managing $100M and above rely on technology or other multinational investment banks.  

Stankevicius.com relies on global investment banks and financial institutions 

Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking brings high-end partnerships with premier investment banks that run arbitrage trading. Some financial institutions even offer capital protection. This offering is specially designed for the Gulf and Asian markets.   

Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking (SAIB) is a financial service consulting division under Stankevicius Group. Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking is an independent entity that is currently under discussion about a merger. 

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