ShareYourself Says the Nonprofit System is Broken, Presents a Solution for Better Resource Allocation

Nonprofits have been instrumental in creating much needed changes in society. They serve as a bridge between people in need and organizations and individuals with big hearts for helping. But while some nonprofits have lived up to society’s expectations, others are falling behind, which leads ShareYourself to believe that the current system is no longer working. Hence, they designed a solution to solve the growing issue.

ShareYourself is a social platform that aims to connect diversely skilled individuals with like-minded thought leaders, activists, and businesses to collectively address humanity’s most pressing challenges. While the platform has been successful in impacting individuals and communities through its efforts, it has pointed out a more pressing problem faced by nonprofits today. 

ShareYourself expressed that creating social change is far more challenging to achieve if people follow the traditional nonprofit model where they pinpoint an issue to solve and raise enough funding to solve it. The organization stresses that creating positive social change requires a more in-depth approach than what is currently practiced, as many nonprofits today fail to properly allocate the capital they’ve raised, therefore making their efforts moot and inefficient. 

“That capital is rarely distributed in accordance with the needs of, or in collaboration with, the people who actually need it,” said ShareYourself. In 2020 alone, Americans donated an accumulated amount of $471 billion to charitable organizations, but the impact those funds could have made was hardly felt by the supposed recipients, according to the altruism watchdog group called Consequently, the younger generation’s trust in such causes is decreasing compared to those before them. 

“In the traditional nonprofit model, money enters these organizations and goes through a lengthy, diminishing process before it’s distributed to people in need,” said ShareYourself in an official statement. “Middlemen earmark large amounts for their own paychecks, and often distribute the funds to contractors with bloated fees.”

ShareYourself starts the change within by cutting out the middleman and empowering people in need at the grassroots level, encouraging people in communities to become changemakers and impact leaders rather than merely wait at the end of the bargain. This solution is in line with ShareYourself’s effort to create social change and amplify that changing lives require more than just capital.

ShareYourself wants to emphasize that change should be a collaborative effort—that people should be investing more than just their dollars to work towards common goals. Hence, every contributor feels that they are indeed part of a meaningful change. The platform has effectively sped up the antiquated process nonprofits have been using for decades.

Furthermore, ShareYourself uses the modern crowdfunding model to gather financial support while also partnering with trustworthy companies to help them with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. The platform allows people across the globe to directly contribute to social change and has consistently been transparent about their progress, gaining the trust of donors worldwide. 

ShareYourself will soon embrace and integrate its platform with the blockchain, shortening the processing time and making it more accessible to more people. 

Learn more about ShareYourself by visiting their website.

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