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Every so often, a new face appears in the market who is going to become the next big name for the industry. Personal branding has become one of the biggest trending hot words of this decade, with everyone willing to teach it, but few being effective at it.

Ruben Alvarez is the Founder and CEO of The Marketing Hunters, a business who is focused on elevating the brand of businesses. They have recently made a shift into working with highly ambitious individuals on their personal brands.

“The personal brand is what elevates everything you are doing. It allows the business or the person to become real and relatable,” says Ruben Alvarez.

“People who invest into their brand are able to charge higher prices and close deals at least two times faster. Why? You have seen more time than your competition and while they are only asking for money with each interaction, you are offering more than just that. It is difficult to transition from the outdated way of doing things to now. I get that. However, that does not excuse not doing it. At some point, shifts are needed. The people who are early adopters are going to be the winners. The good news is we are still in the early adoption stage.”

What makes a good brand? Even better, what separates everyone’s good brand from your great brand?

“Most people are going to do the bare minimum for their brands,” continues Ruben. “It will most likely be just them putting out a generic message that most people have already heard. I believe that if people who are making a brand stopped and looked at whatever they are about to post or create, they would realize they themselves would not support this.”

“A great brand is built on the support of other people. It starts there. But do not get confused. Just because you support others, does not mean you will take off. Give people a reason to support you. Be ambitious. Surprise your followers and often. When you allow others to get bored with you, that is when the personal brand fails. The average and the mundane, that is a good brand. The great brand is exceptional and extraordinary. It is the people who travel to mars. We are looking for the underdog who can make it to the top.”

What advice would you give to anyone who is stuck in their branding?

“As much as this is a generic answer, try harder. Be more creative. If you cannot, then hire someone. The longer you take to overthink this, the easier it is for the person who wants to take up the same market space as you.”

Ruben adds, “Branding is essentially marketing and it all revolves around creativity. When your creative brain gets to work and you are able to get mass amounts of people speaking about you and what you are doing, that is when magic happens. There is one major requirement for people to start talking about you. You need to win. I’ll leave it at that. Interpret it as you want. That is the key.”

To find out more about Ruben Alvarez or his company, visit The Marketing Hunters: Digital Advertising.

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