ReputationBoss’ Steven Zoernack Explains How Having your own Wikipedia Page can help Global Visibility and Enhance Credibility

A well-designed Wikipedia page may add global traffic and instantly enhance credibility. In addition, it can be a source of pride for the entire company and its employees or family and family members. These days, and depending on the industry, some clients or investors even demand it.

Google loves Wikipedia and often ranks a new corporate or personal Wikipedia page among other Google search results. Add the new Wikipedia page link to a website, press release, social media profile or any other digital assets the client owns, and they will rank higher too.

ReputationBoss builds Wikipedia pages for global corporations and selects individuals and products at a reasonable cost. They are the top firm in the industry because their Expert Wikipedia Editors have, on average, over 7 + years of experience, have made over 9,320 Wikipedia edits, and have created over 589 new pages each. ReputationBoss’ Wikipedia page creation services know how to get a Wikipedia page approved and look its best. Once a client’s Wikipedia page is complete, it enhances credibility and drastically improves global visibility. What is on a website is often considered promotional, whereas when the same content appears on Wikipedia, it is considered fact.

Steven Zoernack at ReputationBoss says, “we are unique in the industry because we stay with your new page for two years at no additional cost adding future news, accolades, successes, and hopefully even that future positive cover story in Forbes.”

ReputationBoss offers a no-obligation 24 Hour ExpressQuote to see the cost, timing, and strategy to get your own Wikipedia page in the world’s encyclopedia seen by billions.

The firm does a notability check before accepting a client and asks how the client would like the new Wikipedia page, whether the goal is improved global visibility, enhanced credibility, or both. ReputationBoss also asks for links to independent reputable third-party press that the client would like to make sure the firm adds to their proposed Wikipedia page. The turnaround time to determine notability is typically only 24 hours. A new Wikipedia page can be approved by Wikipedia in 2 weeks or as long as two months, depending on how busy Wikipedia administrators are at that time. The page never stops growing and evolving and can take years to look its best.

According to Steven Zoernack, “the process can be exciting. We have helped clients get onto Wikipedia who has been trying for years with other firms”.

ReputationBoss is simply the best Online Reputation Management firm trusted by big and small businesses and high-profile individuals, including CEOs, Politicians, best-selling authors, Physicians, Attorneys, Professional Athletes, and Celebrities Worldwide.

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