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Recruitment Coach, Aijalon Wallace, Is the Brains Behind Recruiters & Entrepreneurs Looking to Scale Their Agencies to Six Figures

Many people dream of traveling the world and breaking the chain of trading time for money. With the onset of remote working jobs, workers have never seen more opportunities to finally break free. Entrepreneur Aijalon Wallace teaches people how to do just that with an easy step-by-step course that outlines his entire blueprint to success. He has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Fox, NBC, TEDx, and HBO, to name a few. Wallace is also number one on YouTube for how to start a recruiting agency. He has taught  thousands of students how to scale their staffing and recruiting agency to 6-7 figures using automation and virtual teams. The secret to his method is that it capitalizes on passive income, which means you can be bringing in the big bucks while you sleep.

Aijalon started his recruitment agency after persistent encouragement from his roommate after college. Still, he was hesitant about the world of online business. Now four years later, he spends his time traveling, working less, and teaching others how to break out of the matrix. Aijalon is a self-proclaimed digital nomad, traveling across 40 countries and currently backpacking around South America. He chose recruitment as an industry because of its demand, lucrativeness, and reliability in such a changing workspace. Now he lives a life of freedom, answers to no one, and experiences every day to its fullest. Since prices are lower in some other countries, Aijalon leads a lifestyle of the rich while indulging in culture, history, and tourist attractions. Meanwhile, his business is booming, and he can manage it from anywhere in the world. So, the big question is, how can you live this prolific lifestyle too?

Starting a staffing and recruiting agency is one of the easiest businesses you can start. The essence of recruiting is finding a company looking for new employees and introducing those employees to the company. After that, you can receive a check for anywhere between $10-20k just for single recruitment. Aijalon helps hundreds of clients accomplish this, many of them seeing income within the first week. Becoming an entrepreneur is fundamental in the world today, especially if you want to break free from your 9-5 and finally find financial freedom. Wallace can teach you how to perfect the recruitment strategy and automate everything with virtual teams. The result? More time and income in your pocket every day, so you can finally live the life you always wanted.

In Aijalon course, he not only highlights how to start your business, but he helps you scale and build out virtual teams in the Philippines. This golden ticket allows you to take your business to the next level. Remote working as a recruiter is an easy lifestyle, with infinite potential to meet leads and adapt your business in new ways. Once you unlock the power of recruiting, you can open a doorway to multiple streams of income that keep your business flowing with abundance. While there are a plethora of passive income businesses available, many of them lack longevity in the long run. Recruiting is an industry that will always be in high demand, with a steady uphill growth trajectory looking into the future.

Many of Aijalon’s students are experiencing the excellent benefits of his course. He helps you leverage the negotiation techniques, shift your mindset, pique clients, create daily habits for business growth, automate operational tasks, and build your business from the ground up. One of his students, Gabriele, made $28,000 in his first 30 days joining Recruiters Academy. Another student, Brittany, had three jobs and 108k in the pipeline in less than three weeks. These are just a few fantastic testimonials coming out of Wallace’s course.

As of right now, Aijalon spends one month working for every two months off. He’s traveling the world with multiple income streams and helping others live the life they truly deserve. If you’re ready to break out of the corporate 9-5 and take control of your life, this might be your sign to join the Nomad Recruiters Academy today.

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