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Prince Organization Making It to the Summits of Success through the Leadership of Sunil Tolani

Prince Organization has made it on Orange County’s “Fastest Growing Private Companies” list. This annual list was published in the Orange County Business Journal, the “Fastest Growing Private Companies” special issue, last September 23, 2021.

Sunil Tolani is a larger-than-life founder and CEO of the Prince Organization, which was established in September 2007, with its first Holiday Inn Express. Since then, Prince Organization has evolved with over thousands of rooms acquired. Prince Organization is a hospitality company owning and operating award-winning hotels franchised by the world’s largest hotel brands throughout the Americas.

Prince Hotels has become the first hotel organization to apply for a change of corporate structure in California from a “Profit Corporation” to a “Benefit Corporation,” focusing on the mission of social responsibilities while creating thousands of jobs and growing the economy, creating a positive impact, and meeting full standards of accountability and transparency in the communities in which it operates. Making a profit is not its sole primary goal; the social purpose is to use some of the money for charity and social causes, making a difference to other people’s lives.

Sunil stated, “Our guests have validated our service, culture, and credentials with their enthusiasm, and we are going to give them more reasons to be enthused.” Tolani’s brand, PRINCE, has a brand image of charisma, exclusivity, fascination, enhancement, and sexiness with ethos, boosting the brand’s coolness, credibility, and profitability—the ultimate trifecta. Sunil says, “God put me here to do great things, and what keeps me going is the deep belief I’m serving a purpose that’s greater than myself.”

PRINCE is a prize because it has a name recognition that takes years to build, and the testament to its strength is in its ability to raise prices in each and every competitive market set against formidable competition. There is the huge metamorphosis of the brand, elevating the status of PRINCE, and there is not going to be another PRINCE brand.

People have started saying they want to build a strong, growing, and global brand like PRINCE, whose CEO, Sunny Tolani, has earned his bona fide credentials and a permanent seat at the table and continues to embolden young entrepreneurs and upcoming hoteliers and mentors students to follow the same path.

Sunny always has a flair for doing something new, something innovative, something difficult, and has a brilliant vision with admirable deftness and confidence and that moxie will take him way to the top. We wish him continued success as he pursues an ambitious growth strategy to expand into new jurisdictions.

When he talks, he has the ears of the CEOs of the banks and the businesspeople and does a fantastic job, as he has a tremendous grasp of the business side of things. He is acquiring new companies who have a history of profitability, sound management, and making economic sense but are also large enough to increase PRINCE’S book values.

Sunny loves to defy the skeptics, defy someone else’s limits, defy expectations, defy convention—but most of all defy the odds, because that’s what great leaders do. Sunny loves to surprise, and we love to be surprised by him. Sunny is THE MAN who is passionate about his Prince brand, his employees, family, friends, fast ultra-exotic classic cars and art collections, mentorships, and charitable giving in society.

We have zero doubt in our minds that he will put Southern CA on the world map of hospitality. It is fair to say that he surely is THE CROWN PRINCE OF THE HOSPITALITY WORLD.

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