P. Lanette Pinkard, Devoted to Providing Access with Dignity to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities Via My Hands Your Heart, LLC.

Professional interpreter P. Lanette Pinkard, Owner is making a lasting impact on sign language interpreters and Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities through her training company My Hands Your Heart, LLC (MHYH). MHYH is an organization that equips American Sign-Language (ASL) Interpreters to be professional yet personal, passionate with purpose, and precise when providing services. As a child of deaf adults (CODA), she personally witnessed the hardships and oppression her grandparents suffered when they sought to have equal access to the ordinary day-to-day things that everyone else enjoys. Seeing it as an opportunity to instigate change, she dedicated most of her adult life to training interpreters and unifying Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities alike so she could bridge the communication gap.

“Our sign language interpreters are trained in an intensive cruise interpreting academy that follows the policy, customs, and best practices to exceed cruise line organizations’ customer service expectations,” Pinkard shared. “This training provides a smooth transition for each aspect of customers requiring this service by the cruise lines. Deaf travelers can experience a cruise vacation that flows from beginning to end.” Her next Cruise Interpreter Academy will take place August 7-14, 2022.

When teaching and training her participants, P. Lanette Pinkard is all about imparting ethical skills along with personal growth and development. She understands fully well that there are multiple haters out there, but that should not be cause for anyone to respond to them with the same degree of indignation. Pinkard believes that part of her purpose in life is to encourage her participants to be kind, compassionate, and have the ability to take the higher road. Quite often, she immediately sees the insecurities of her participants and is able to help them break down their walls; the same walls that prevent them from achieving their full potential as unique individuals.

“We need to be professional crown adjusters. Everyone we meet has baggage that can potentially affect their behavior. Our attitude towards them can be negative, which can worsen their behavior, or we can choose to be supportive and encouraging. We have to understand that the right attitude can positively affect that individual,” Pinkard explained.

My Hands Your Heart has become a powerful platform for P. Lanette Pinkard to empower students, peers, and followers to achieve great feats. She is also creating a powerful bridge to connect people with Deaf and Hard-of-hearing individuals. Seeing the overwhelming impact of her work, she plans to expand her company and build a greater library of language accessibility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities. She takes it as her personal responsibility to elevate the kind of work she has been doing for over 40+ years. As someone who is always overflowing with bright and life-changing ideas, she can be expected to venture into something awe-inspiring in the near future.

Apart from being a professional interpreter, P. Lanette Pinkard is also a recipient of an honorary doctorate for her service in the community and the ministry. She is also a motivational speaker who has been actively encouraging audiences, most especially women, to live their best lives. She is also a published author of several books, including Married Out of Obedience, A Myriad of Miracles, Praises of Thanksgiving to Lift Your Spirit Devotional and Journal, and G.P.S. vs G.P.S., Which is Leading You? At present, she is working on several other books such as Finally Free, I Love Me, Downloads from Father God, and Married Out of Obedience Two (Beneath the Sheets).

This coming February, she will be offering brand new workshops: “INTERPRETERPRENEURSHIP 101” and “The Gift and the Secret.” Sometime in March this year, she is also expected to do another round of one of her in-demand workshops, “Are You a Slice of P.I.E.?”

Clearly, there is no stopping P. Lanette Pinkard from doing the work she has been destined to do. As she continues to impact the lives of people around her, the world can hope that better things are yet to come despite the many challenges it is facing today.

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