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Meet The Ecom Wolf, aka Lara Rahib, is Teaching People to Quit Their 9-5 and Change Their Lives Through E-commerce

Palestinian native Lara Rahib, whose reputation within e-commerce has led her to be known as the The Ecom Wolf,’ heads up her own e-commerce operation and The Ecom Wolfpack Coaching Program, based in California. A college graduate with a bachelor’s in biology, Rahib is an influential leading personality in the online commerce industry. In fact, her program is often hailed as ‘The Harvard of Ecom.’

Rahib’s incredible journey from having little to a rising e-commerce star and CEO of her own company is inspirational. The Ecom Wolf’s example and generosity of spirit have led her students — legions of former 9-5ers — to transform their lives by ditching monotonous jobs and becoming empowered with the skills to pull in seven-figure incomes.

The Origins of The Ecom Wolf

Born in Palestine, Rahib and her mother, father, brothers, and sister left their homeland for America when she was an infant. Ambitious and dedicated from a young age, Rahib worked hard throughout her education, eventually graduating with a BS in biology. After working in the science field, in a lab, and having disliked working for employers, while still remaining driven to succeed, she found gainful employment in a real estate sales role, where she picked up valuable skills vital to her future success as a businesswoman. She strived in these positions where she could work autonomously and independently.

In the property industry, Rahib proved her talent as a consistent money-maker. But, after five years and saving nearly $50,000, she knew she wanted more — she wanted to make an impact on both her outside world and the e-com space, as well as have more independence and the means to secure a passive income that would allow more time with her friends and family. 

The decision to leave her regular job and reliable income eventually led her to e-commerce.

“I loved real estate, and still do because I invest in it, but I wanted something more passive. I wanted to make money while I was sleeping, on vacation, or spending time with family and friends,” Rahib shared.

Her first foray into e-commerce was with retail giant Amazon, which resulted in Rahib reaching $700,000 in her first year, scoring $30,000 in profit per month. However, when Amazon changed the course of its e-commerce application, stifling sales and profits for partners and sellers, Rahib’s take-home slipped to just $4,000 per month.

The loss in income led to another fork in the road for Rahib. Deciding she needed more control over her market, the enthusiastic young businesswoman launched her own website. The decision proved to be a sound and lucrative one, as Rahib generated 1.3 million dollars in just three months of operating.

As word spread around the industry of this hungry young woman’s swift triumphs, people kept approaching her for advice and lessons. Rahib decided that her next step would be to educate others on how to succeed in e-commerce and give people the know-how to navigate the complex world of digital selling.

“I knew I was onto something. People kept asking me what I was doing differently, especially people I knew in the Amazon space experiencing large declines in their business. People were begging me to help them, so I saw it as an opportunity to help others and become a consultant,” said Rahib. 

Conquering Challenges

Yet Rahib’s success was not a straight shot to the top. As an immigrant, she had to deal with many setbacks, such as personal anxiety and unemployment. But, no matter how difficult life got, she never let go of her dreams of financial independence and success in business.

As Rahib developed and matured, she knew she had to combat her trepidation and limits head-on. Choosing to set out on her own was the change that led her to grow into a leading figure in e-commerce.

A Steady Ascent

Her big break can be traced back to when she chose to fly solo and work for herself. Building and launching her website, Rahib pulled in more than one million dollars in three months, quite a leap from the $4,000 she was left with at the end of her partnership with Amazon. For Rahib, Amazon was merely a necessary stepping stone to get to where she is now. Her achievements then were the catalyst for further success.

With her profitable new business, Rahib jumped onto the property ladder, buying her first home at 30 years old, as well as five additional investment properties in just two years, with more to come. Even more remarkable, Rahib achieved a lifelong dream of retiring her parents in 2017. 

On top of being a canny businesswoman, Rahib is passionate about philanthropy and supporting the society that enabled her to succeed. Supporting many causes — including the Make a Wish Foundation, animal charities, and the LGBTQ community — she hopes to continue doing good with her newfound wealth and success. 

The origin of The Ecom Wolf and Rahib’s rise from $0-1.3 million is a story that drills home that the search for economic reward is driven by the attributes of courage and tenacity displayed by the wolf. And those who seek success must conquer their fears and jump feet first into the future!


About Lara Rahib

Lara Rahib, Ecom Expert and CEO of The Ecom Wolf, is known as one of the most successful persons in e-commerce. Rahib teaches entrepreneurs how to go from being a 9-5er to making millions in a year. To join The Ecom Wolf Pack, please visit https://theecomwolf.com/vsl-call-booking-es/theecomwolf-p-r/

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